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Haiti Election 2014 - La Marche Ver Les Election

Haiti Election - Biwo Premier Minis la fek pibliye yon slide show ki montre tout etap ki deja franchi pou election realize nan fen lane 2014 la an Haiti epi tou tout etap ki rete pou franchi... more »

PM Laurent Lamothe Tweets: NO KIDNAPPING CASE for August

Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe tweets: "So far for the month of august: NO KIDNAPPING CASE !!!" more »

Haiti PM Laurent Lamothe thinks Haiti is doing well four years after the earthquake

Haiti Prime Minister told the Associated Press: "I think (the rebuilding effort) has gone very well, enormously well, considering the enormous challenges and the enormous lack of resources that we had when we started." more »

Haiti Executive branch, only actor implementing the El Rancho accord, PM says...

Haiti Prime minister Laurent Lamothe tweets... The executive is keeping its word and is the only actor implementing the El Rancho accord... more »

Michel Pierre Brunache: Misinterpretation of President Martelly statement about "Caisse L'etat"

When Haiti president Michel Martelly said the "Caisse de l'Etat" was empty, it does not necessarily mean that the state (l'Etat Haitien) has no money to spend, says Michel Pierre Brunache, the new porte-parole of Prime minister Laurent Lamothe. more »

Michel Pierre Brunache, New Porte-parole of Haiti Prime Minister Lamothe

Haiti Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe designated his Special Adviser for Political Affairs, Mr. Michel Pierre Brunache, as his new spokesperson Monday 7 Apr 2014... more »

Haiti - Installation ceremony of 10 new Judges of the Superior Court of Auditors

Haiti President Michel Martelly conducted the installation of ten (10) new Judges of the Cour Supérieure des Comptes et du Contentieux Administratif (CSCCA) this Monday, April 7, 2014... "You have a heavy responsibility to ensure consistency, efficiency and effectiveness of the use of public funds," President Martelly said during the installation... more »

Haiti - Politics : More Reactions from the Haiti Government Shuffle

More and more politicians are reacting the the new Haiti government shuffle that just took place replacing many Ministers (Ministre) and Secretaries of State (Secretaire d'Etat). On the radio today, I heard a few senators in the opposition calling it anything but a Gouvernment d'Ouverture... more »

Haiti - Gouvernement : Formation d'un nouveau Cabinet ministeriel

Le Bureau de Communication de la Présidence informe la population en général que par arrêté en date du 2 Avril 2014, un nouveau Cabinet ministériel a été formé dont la composition est la suivante : more »

Haiti Judge Jean-Serge Joseph did NOT die from "Something Special"

Canada Coroner report confirms Haitian judge Jean Serge Joseph was not poisoned contrary to what some, including Haiti Senator Moise Jean Charles, believe... more »