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Haiti Opposition new CRY: For us to go to the Elections, Martelly has to go to Prison... REALLY?

I've been keeping eye on latest Haiti anti-Government protest and it seems like the protest songs have changed since the announcements of a possible elections this coming October 2014... "Non non non nou pap ale... Si pou nou ale nan election, fòk Martelly ale nan prison, ak tout Lamothe..." (Translation: We are not going to the elections unless President Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamonthe goes to prison)... I don't see how you can negociate your way out of that? more »

VIDEO: Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe speaks of a new Security Plan for the Port-au-Prince Metropolitan Area

PM Laurent Lamothe Speaking in Petionville Haiti about new Security measures for Metropolitan Port-au-Prince Haiti Haitian Prime Minister Laurent lamothe went out last night, Wednesday 19 June 2014, to test the new security measures currently being implemented to make metropolitan Port-au-Prince Haiti safer... The prime minister wants Haiti safe and ready for the influx of tourists and diaspora expected to arrive this summer... more »

Anti-Government Manifestation in Haiti - Protesters asking Laurent Lamothe to resign

Depute Arnel Belizaire ak bèl abiman wouj li... There was another protest in Haiti this Thursday, 19 June 2014 and this time the demand was for Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to leave office, according to Depute Arnel Belizaire who seems to be "a la tèt" of the latest anti-government protest in Haiti... more »

Haiti - Premier Ministre Lamothe a participer a la seance d'ouverture de la 2eme session de l'annee legislative au parlement

Le Premiere Ministre Laurent Lamothe participera à la séance d'ouverture de la 2ème session de l'année législative au parlement ce Lundi 9 Juin 2014... more »

Haiti - Martelly's Endorsement of Laurent Lamothe making more noise than "Caisse Leta-a Vid"

There is a rise the political temperature in Haiti - President Michel Martelly's supposed "endorsement" of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe as the next president of Haiti is creating a much bigger buzz than his previous statement that "Caisse leta-a Vid" (the state coffers are empty) more »

Did Haiti President Martelly just endorse Laurent Lamothe as his successor?

Rumors are flying in Haiti that President Michel Martelly has just endorsed Laurent Lamothe as the next president to replace him in Haiti after he leaves office... The funny thing is... Martelly did NOT mention Lamothe's name in the speech that triggered this buzz... more »

Laurent Lamothe: Ayiti ap Vanse

Lisez cet article du Premier ministre Haïtien Laurent Lamothe: C'est un sentiment d'honneur, de fierté que d'être associé au plus haut niveau à cette quête de changement pour le peuple haïtien prôné par le président Michel Joseph Martelly. more »

REPORT: Haiti - Principal Realisations of the Martelly-Lamothe Government 3 Years in Office

Read this... The Martelly-Lamothe Government had just released a 252 page report that provides the details of everything they have achieve in the past 3 years in office Wednesday, 14 May 2014 marking the 3-year anniversary since President Martelly took office... more »

Haiti Progress held Hostage by a few Politicians Tied to Turmoil and Chaos of the Past, Prime Minister Lamothe writes

A recent article by Haiti Prime Minister's Laurent Lamothe states that Haiti's progress is being held back by politics of the past... In the article, Lamothe suggest that there are a few Haitian politicians in Haiti refuse to let the country move forward because they are so used to the "turmoil and chaos" style of Haitian politics... Do you agree or disagree with this statement? more »

Haiti Elections 2014 - Membre Club de Madrid yo chita pale ak Premye Minis Laurent Lamothe

Sou zafè election 2014 la an Haiti, Membre Club Madrid yo chita pale ak Premye Minis Laurent Lamothe. Chef gouvenman di li diskite empotans pou ke Haiti ale vers les elections nan dat 26 Oktob 2014 la suite a accord politk ki fet nan El Rancho... more »