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Haiti - President Martelly NOT YET Receive Laurent Lamothe Resignation Letter, Spokesman says...

Haiti President Michel Martelly still has NOT received the official resignation letter from his Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe 24 hours after he announced his resignation to the public, AlterPresse reports... more »

Haiti G5 Senators to BLOCK Ratification of a new Prime Minister

EXTRA EXTRA Read all about it... The group of five (G5) pro-government Haitian Senators announced Monday they will BLOCK the ratification of a new Prime Minister. Men Zin... LOL... The next Haitian Prime Minister is??? --- Who will replace Laurent Lamothe? more »

Haiti - Laurent Lamothe Will NOT Remain at the Primature to handle "Les Affaires Courante," Lamothe leaves in 3 days...

Just in case you thought Laurent Lamothe was going to remain at "La Primature" as a "Premier Ministre demissionaire" to handle "Les Affaires Courantes," Think again... Laurent Lamothe ie leaving the office of the Prime Minister in 3 days according to Senator Edwin Zenny in an interview to Haiti Press Network (HPN)... more »

Haiti - Senator Moise Jean Charles says Martelly is NEXT to Follow Prime Minister Lamothe Resignation

Haiti President Martelly - Senator Moise Jean Charles "The Resignation of Prime Minister Laurent does not surprise us because he WILL NOT BE the only to resign, President Martelly is next," Haitian Senator Moise Jean Charles said Monday Morning on Haiti Radio Caraibes FM... more »

Official - Laurent Lamothe QUITS as Prime Minister of Haiti

Laurent Lamothe giving his resignation speech, 13 December 2014 It's Official, Laurent Lamothe has officially submitted his resignation as Prime Minister of Haiti... Lamothe says: "Mwen deside aswè a remèt bay President Martelly demission mwen nan tèt Gouvenman an... Ansanm avek tout Minis yo... Nou prale... Nou Prale... Nou prale avek yon santiman ke nou fè tout sa nou te kapab..." more »

Haiti - Bill Clinton says: BIG Mistake if Laurent Lamothe is forced to Leave his Post

Former USA President Bill Clinton says forcing Haitian Prime Minister to leave his post would be a HUGE step BACKWARDS for Haiti since the country has been moving forward the past four years... Lamothe has done a really GOOD JOB, Clinton says... more »

Haiti Politics - Mixed Reactions Over Laurent Lamothe Possible Resignation

Haitian lawmakers Tuesday rebuffed recommendations in a far-reaching report that called for the resignation of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and other key government officials to stave off a worsening political crisis... Parliamentarians on both sides strongly disagreed with the report. more »

Haiti - Osner Fevry : ALL Haitian Students Must read the Washington Consensus

In regards to the possible resignation of Laurent Lamothe as Prime Minister of Haiti, Maitre Osner Fevry suggest that all Haitian students must read the "Washington Consensus" --- What is the Washington Consensus and what does it have to do with Haiti? more »

FLASH : Haiti - Commission Presidentiel la fek presante raport la by president Martelly

Nan moman saa... Commission Consultative Presidentiel la fek presante raport la by president Michel Martelly... Dapre yon mesaj sou Twitter, Premier Minis Laurent Lamothe pa prezan nan sal la kote komisyon an rekòmande demisyon li more »

Haiti Commission calls for a new Prime Minister to replace Laurent Lamothe

Haiti Politics 101 - Will President Martelly be his brother's keeper? --- Hours before the report of the Presidential Advisory Commission is made public, word is leaking out that Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe's Head is on the chopping block along with his government body, the head of Haiti's Supreme Court and the Electoral Council... more »