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AUDIO: Haiti - Laurent Lamothe Phone Conversation: They added me to the Presidential Candidate list without my Knowledge...

Breaking News... Haiti - AUDIO: A Bombshell AUDIO reveals a Laurent Lamothe conversation where he says with his own mouth: "Stanley Lucas and Ralph Theano registered me online as a Candidate for President WITHOUT my knowledge..." The conversation went on for about 8 minutes and the prime minister had clue he was being recorded... more »

Haiti PM Evans Paul said NO 'POLEMIQUE' with Laurent Lamothe

Haiti Prime minister Evans Paul said he will not get into any debates (POLEMIQUE) with former Haiti prime minister Laurent Lamothe who said on a radio interview recently that he left many government projects to be executed and if there are no follow up on these projects, it is the responsibility of the the current government. more »

Haiti - Senator Francisco Delacruz : Use Laurent Lamothe to set an example to all government officials managing public funds

Haiti Senateur Francisco de la Cruz Haiti Senator Francisco Delacruz wants to use Laurent Lamothe to set an example of corruption in Haiti... "Let this be a lesson," Senator Francisco Delacrus said," to all government officials managing public funds to know they have an obligation NOT to mismanage these funds..." more »

Haiti Elections - Laurent Lamothe gets BAD Report from Cour Superieur des Comptes

Laurent Lamothe - Ex Prime Minister of Haiti Haiti Election Update -- Candidate for President Laurent Lamothe has just received an unfavorable report out of 3 from Cour Superieur des Comptes for his management of the Ministry of Planning (planification)... Lamothe immediately called a press conference at Hotel Le Plaza... more »

Haiti Elections - 18 Presidential Candidates Contested in Total

Haiti Election Contestation - Kontestasyon Haiti Elections Update - The candidacy of 18 presidential candidates are contested in total before the Saturday deadline including the candidacy of former prime Minister Laurent Lamothe... more »

UPDATE: Haiti Radio Scoop FM retracted information that Platfom Pitit Desalin contested Laurent Lamothe Candidacy

Laurent Lamothe - Ex Prime Minister of Haiti Haiti Elections Update -- Haiti Radio Scoop FM reported that Moise Jean-charles' Platfom Pitit Desalin has contested the Candidacy of former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe for President but later made a retraction... more »

Haiti Elections - Laurent Lamothe Candidacy Challenged by Platfom JISTIS

Haiti Election Update : Contestation -- Andre Michel's Platform JISTIS is challenging the candidacy of Laurent Lamothe for President on the basis that he has NO DECHARGE... Platform coordinator Jean Nazaire Tidé submitted the complaint against Lamothe to the Electoral Council (CEP). more »

Haiti Elections - Laurent Lamothe has NO Decharge - How he Managed to register as a Presidential Candidate

The biggest issue in the case of former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe running for President was: Will he get a Decharge? The answer is NO, he DID NOT... So how did Laurent Lamothe register as a candidate for President? We have the answer for you... LOL... more »

Haiti - Laurent Lamothe Officially Registers as Candidate for President

Haiti Elections Update - Media circus surrounded former prime Minister Laurent Lamothe after he finally submitted all his documents at the Electoral Bureau (BED) at Route de Freres in Petionville making his candidacy official... Prime Minister Lamothe had to be rushed into a room afterwards for security purposes... more »

Haiti Elections - Laurent Lamothe at CEP to submit Candidacy paperwork

Laurent Lamothe En route vers le CEP Haiti Elections Update -- Former Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe tweets at 7:28pm: "En route vers le CEP. Travay la fèk komanse. AJI nou pral AJI pou mas pèp la! #LL2016..." By 8:45pm we received a phone call direct from CEP Headquarters confirming Laurent Lamothe has arrived, He is at the BED l'Ouest 1 to submit his documents... Laurent Lamothe is a Candidate for President... more »