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UPDATE : Haiti Elections - Laurent Lamothe Must Have DECHARGE - BCEN Final Decision...

Haiti Elections Update - A final decision has been made in the 20-page judgement against former prime Minister Laurent Lamothe at the National Office of Electoral Disputes (BCEN) : Laurent Lamothe Must Have DECHARGE in order to participate in the upcoming presidential elections... more »

FLASH : Haiti Elections - Laurent Lamothe WINS at BCEN BUT Maybe he Did NOT, Confusing...

Breaking News... Haiti Elections Update -- In a VERY confusing news reports by Haiti Radio Caraibes FM, Laurent Lamothe's verdict was read... Laurent Lamothe is IN... Lamothe is IN... BCEN Judges orders that Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe's name be ADDED to the list of Approved Presidential Candidates... Then Minutes later the journalist said MABYE NOT... more »

Haiti Elections - Manifestation - Laurent Lamothe supporters denounce plot to kick him out of the race

Haiti Caricature - Flèch nan DO Laurent Lamothe, Kout Kouto Tet Kale... Haiti Elections Update -- Supporters of former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe denounced Tuesday a conspiracy to prevent him from participating in upcoming presidential elections, an attempt to influence the verdict of the judges of the BCEN, online journal AHP said... more »

Haiti Elections - Laurent Lamothe will NOT be a Candidate for President, Sauveur Pierre Etienne Said so...

Haiti Elections Update -- OPL presidential candidate Sauveur Pierre Etienne made it very clear that former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe will NOT be a Candidate for President in the upcoming elections and he gave details why it is impossible... more »

Haiti Presidential Elections - 11 Appeals Filed Before BECN

Haiti Election Contestation - Kontestasyon Haiti Elections Update -- The Electoral Council (CEP) releases a list of 11 appeals that were filed at the National Bureau of Electoral Disputes (BCEN)... The list includes former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and businessman Antony 'Ti Tony' Bennett both trying to get back on the list of eligible presidential Candidates... more »

Haiti Elections - Laurent Lamothe intends to use "the Power of the People" to maintain his Candidacy

Haiti Elections Update -- Former Haiti prime minister Laurent Lamothe whose candidacy for president is at stake will not just sit back, relax, and take it like a man... Oh Nooo... Lamothe intends to use "the power of the people" (La Force Populaire) to ensure the Electoral Council (CEP) maintains his candidacy, Lamothe counselor Patrick Crispin said... more »

Haiti Elections - Laurent Lamothe going to BCEN to fight for his Candidacy

Laurent Lamothe giving his resignation speech, 13 December 2014 Haiti Elections Update -- Former Haiti prime minister and Candidate for President Laurent Lamothe is taking his fight for the candidacy to the National Electoral Tribunal (BCEN), his campaign team announced... more »

Haiti Elections - Laurent Lamothe: CEP Decision a Real Threat to Democracy

Laurent Lamothe Tweet: CEP Decision a Real Threat to Democracy Haiti Elections Update -- After being REJECTED by the BCED, Candidate Laurent Lamothe tweets: " The CEP's decision confirms the arbitrary nature of the electoral process in Haiti, a real threat to democracy. #NouPapDekouraje... more »

Haiti - President Martelly REJECTS Allegations he is standing in Lamothe's Way to become President

President Michel Martelly's porte-parole Lucien Jura denied allegations that the president is "blocking the way" of his former prime minister and friend Laurent Lamothe from becoming Haiti's next president... more »

Haiti Elections 2015 - The 4 Strongest Presidential Candidates in the Race

Former Minister Ralph Theano says there are only 4 strong Presidential Candidates in the race for the presidency in Haiti out of 70 who are likely to win the elections... Guess who's in the list... more »