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Haitian Politics, Who do you believe?

While the Haitian media is broadcasting a country in crisis, politically speaking, the U.S. Ambassador in Port-au-Prince is observing progress in Haiti. more »

I never met the judge, President Martelly says...

Regarding media allegations that Haitian president Michel Martelly pressuring judge Jean Serge Joseph had something to do with his death, President Martelly says he never met the man. more »

Haiti Prime Minister Reshuffles his Cabinet

Kat la rebwase wi nan Gouvenman Haiti-a anko... Interior minister Ronsard St. Cyr is out. The new interior minister is David Bazile. more »

VIDEO: Haitian Lawmakers Interrupt Laurent Lamothe Address to the National Assembly

Watch this video: Haitian Lawmakers making lots of noise with bells, whistles, horns and sirens As Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Addresses the National Assembly more »

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Receives Barry University Award

Haitian Prime Minister Laurent will be visiting Barry University, his alma mater, in South Florida this Saturday to receive the "Barry University distinguished alumni award." more »

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Visits St Thomas University

Haitian Prime Minister Lamothe will be a guest of honor St Thomas University this Friday to talk about Unleashing Entrepreneurship in Haiti. more »

Laurent Lamothe Becomes NEW Haiti Prime Minister

It's Official... Laurent Lamothe is the new prime Minister of Haiti. more »

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Respond to Harsh New York Times Article

The New York Times wrote a harsh article about the Caracol Industrial park in Haiti last week, Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe posted a public response about it on his new Blog. more »

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is considering closing the markets along the Haiti-Dominican border

Possible Closing of All Border Haiti-Dominican Markets - Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is considering closing the markets along the Haiti-Dominican border more »

Haiti - Ratification of Laurent Lamothe as Prime Minister Begins

The Haitian senate have begun the preliminary steps to ratify Laurent Lamothe as Haiti's next prime Minister. more »