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Jovenel Moise had good intentions but his hands are tied, King Kino said

Haitian President Jovenel Moise visits an electrical substation in Tabarre Singer King Kino said he is conscious that perhaps president Jovenel Moise was really willing to do something for the country but hands are tied because he took money from the rich in Haiti to run his campaign. more »

King Kino warns the corrupt upper class in Haiti: "One day the people will come after you!"

King Kino in the Haitian Artists protest against President Jovenel Moise Phantoms singer Pierre Raymond Divers alias King Kino sent a big warning to members of Haiti's upper class in Haiti manufacturing bad politicians and tolerating ongoing corruption in the country: "One day the people will come after you," King Kino said. more »

King Kino: PetroCaribe Challenge is a Joke, some are using PetroCaribe for their own political interest

King Kino says PetroCaribe is Just Politics Haitian artist King Kino believes all that commotion about PetroCaribe in Haiti is just a big joke. It's jut Politics. Kino says what is happening now in Haiti, it's a political fight for the 2022 elections and everyone is using PetroCaribe for their own interest. more »

Haiti Elections - King KINO Endorses Steeve Khawly for President

Steeve Khawly - King Kino Haiti Elections Update - Singer King KINO came out publicly Friday endorsing BOUCLIER Candidate Steeve Khawly for President... Pierre Raymond Divers alias King Kino told journalist Valery Numa on radio Vision 2000 Khawly is the only candidate who van bring everyone together to move the country forward... more »