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Haiti Elections - G8 says NO Elections 25 Dec BUT Martelly has to Leave Office 07 Fevrier

Haiti G8 Opposition Candidates for President Haiti Elections Update -- The group of 8 (G8) protesting presidential candidates says There will be NO 2nd round elections on 27 December; However, President Michel Martelly has to leave office on 07 Fevrier 2016... What is that all about??? more »

Haiti Elections - Maryse Narcisse and LAVALAS will NOT support Jude Celestin for President

Jude Celestin Sezi, Maryce Narcisse Haiti Elections Update -- Without being too direct, Maryse Narcisse made it clear she and Fanmi LAVALAS will NOT support Jude Celestin or anyone else in round 2 of the presidential elections... "But we will not go into any combination with any candidate to sacrifice the struggle of the people," her exact words... more »

AUDIO: Haiti - Moise Jean Charles di li PAP Suporte Jude Celestin come Candidat a la Presidence

Moise Jean Charles Vs Jude Celestin Tande AUDIO saa... Haiti Elections -- Moise Jean Charles deklare li PAP suporte candidature Jude Celestin apre yon jounalis Magic 9 te mande li eske li pare pou kanpe deye Jude pou ale nan election si yo menm nan group 8 (G8) la jwen tout sa yo mande pou election ka fet... more »

Haiti Elections - Jude Celestin's LAPEH Party wants Another Election Date

Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise vs Jude Celestin Haiti Elections Update -- Jude Celestin's political party LAPEH is asking for another date for Round 2 of the presidential elections AND, at the same time, proposing that a transition government handle the elections... more »

Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise met with the Electoral Council Wednesday

Jovenel Moise meets with Electoral Council (CEP) Haiti Elections Update -- PHTK Candidate for president Jovenel Moise met with members of the Electoral Council (CEP) Wednesday 02 December 2015 to discuss elections... more »

Haiti Elections - Jude Celestin STILL Undecided about going to Second Round Presidential...

Haiti Caricature - Jude Celestin Confusion Total Haiti Elections Update -- Candidate for president Jude Celestin is caught between a rock and a hard place... He is in a very delicate position and his decision to GO or NOT to GO to round 2 of the presidentiel elections is still unknown... more »

Haiti : Fact or Rumor? Martelly Called Jude Celestin to Congratulate him for making it to Round 2 with Jovenel Moise

President Michel Martelly,  Jude Celestin Haiti Elections Update -- An article from Le Nouveliste suggest President Michel Martelly may have called candidate Jude Celestin to congratulate him for making it to the 2nd round following the release of the definitive elections results... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Desras Proposes New Government, Jude President, Maryse, Moise JC Members, Eric Jean Baptiste Prime Minister

Nouvo Gouvernemt DERAS a: Jude Celestin President, Moise JC, Maryse Membre, Pere Eternel Premier Ministre Haiti Elections Update -- Former Senator President Desras Simon Dieuseul believes he has the perfect solution for Haiti: KICK Martelly out and form a new 'College de Gouvernment' with Jude Celestin president, Moise Jean Charles and Maryse Narcisse as Members and Eric Jean Baptiste as Prime Minister... Say what??? more »

FLASH: Haiti Elections - Exit Poll Places Jovenel Moise in 4th Position, Should Jovenel be AFFRAID?

Haiti Election Exit POLL Graph, Jovenel Moise 4th Haiti Elections Update -- A research team who conduced an exit poll during the 25 October elections in Haiti asked the question: "Who did you vote for in the Elections?" 37.5 percent said Jude Celestin, 30.6 percent said Moise Jean Charles, 19.4 percent said Maryse Narcisse, 6.3 percent said Jovenel Moise... Should Jovenel Moise be AFFRAID??? more »

Haiti Elections - Jude Celestin Denies Receiving Invitation by BCEN to the Tabulation Center

Haiti Elections - Posters Jude Celestin ap Kole nan ville Hinche Haiti Elections Update -- While Maryse Narcisse is preparing to invade the vote tabulation center (CTV) to dig for "Massive Electoral Fraud," LAPEH Candidate Jude Celestin says ne was not contacted by the BCEN in this matter... more »