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Haiti - Candidate for President Jude Celestin changes his Tone of Voice

Haiti Eleciton Update -- Jude Celestin, the LAPEH candidate for president, has recently softened his stand on WHO he is willing to go the the 2nd round presidential elections with... Before Jude Celestin made id CLEAR he will NOT go to elections with Jovenel Moise (PHTK), nowadays, Jude doesn't care WHO joins him in the 2nd round...

PHOTO: Haiti Politik - G8 oswa G6, Konbyen "G" ou we la a?

Gade photo saa... Haiti Politique - Men dènye photo Goupe des 8 (G-8) candidat a la presidence yo mete deyo apre 2eme reunion yo pou mwa Mai 2016 la, apre Mathias Pierre (Pitit Desalin) te anonse sou kont twitter li ke G8 la KRAZE... G8 oswa G6, Konbyen "G" ou wè la a?

Haiti Question : SI Election fet Jodi a, JUDE Celestin vs JOVENEL Moise, Kiyes k'ap PRESIDENT?

Haiti POLL Question :: Si Election fèt Jodi a, JUDE Celestin vs JOVENEL Moise, Kiyes k'ap PRESIDENT? --- If there presidential electios was held today between Jude Celestin and Jovenel Moise, who do you think would president?

Haiti Politics - Jovenel Moise Meets with Jude Celestin's Political Party to Discuss Election Worries

PHTK's Candidate for president Jovenel Moise met recently with with Jean Hector Anacacis, leader of Jude Celestin's Political Party LAPEH. The two men spoke about various concerns regarding the 2nd round presidential elections...

FLASH: Haiti Elections - Jude Celestin could JOIN Jovenel Moise and PHTK in the Streets

Haiti Elections Update -- Candidate for president Jovenel Moise and his PHTK political party are not the only ones concerned about the elections... Jude Celestin's political party LAPEH also shares these concerns... They are even talking about JOINT street protests, LAPEH and PHTK in the streets together against Privert...

Haiti Elections - Jude Celestin Political Party Proposed Verification Commission

Haiti Elections Update -- LAPEH, presidential candidate Jude Celestin's political party has just proposed an idea on how the election verification commission should be composed...

FLASH: Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise wants to Sit Down and Talk to Jude Celestin

Haiti Elections Update - PHTK Candidate for President Jovenel Moise adminst publicly on Tele Metropole he wants to sit down an Talk to LAPEH candidate Jude Celestin so that together they can find a way out of the political crisis...

VIDEO: Haiti - Jude Celestin Message a La Nation - Jude Deklare li Pap ale nan Selection 24 Janvier a

Gade Video saa... Haiti Elections - Jude Celestin di nenpot moun ki ale patisipe nan election an se yon Traite, yon CONZE, e listwa va jujel, Jude di anpil lot bagay anko... Gade...Kisa ou panse de sa?

Haiti Elections - Jude Celestin Ready to Meet CEP Once Verification is put in Place

Haiti Elections Update -- Jude Celestin, the LAPEH Candidate for president Wrote to the Electoral Council (CEP) to say he is ready to meet with the electoral council once the commission for verification of the votes is put into place...

Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise Continues to Attract more Voters in 2nd Round Campaign

Haiti Elections Update -- PHTK candidate for president Jovenel Moise continues to attract more and more voters in his 2nd round campaign while his opponent Jude Celestin remains silent while being legally in the race... Where is this going?