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Haiti SHOULD've had a new Elected President on Saturday May 14th BUT...

Michel Martelly passes the Presidential Sash to Jocelerme Privert When President Michel Martelly left offiice, Jocelerme Privert took over as Interim President with the specific task of organizing elections so that on Saturday May 14th a new ELECTED president would take office... It didn't happen that way... Now what??? more »

Haiti - The 15 MISTAKES of President Joclerme Privert, Moise Jean Charles Spills the Beans...

Haiti President Privert - Candidate Moise Jean Charles Haiti Transition Update - Candidate for president Moise Jean Charles came out Wednesday with a list of 15 "Faux Pas" (mistakes) that Jocelerme Privert has made since become interim president of Haiti... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Senator Andris Riche asks Privert to EXIT as did Martelly, step down on May 14

President Martelly, President Privert, Senator Riche Haiti Transition Update -- Senator Andris Riche believe interim President Jocelerme Privert must step down and return the presidential sash to parliament the same way president Michel Martelly had to hand it over to Privert himself on 07 Feb 2016... more »

Haiti - Moise Jean Charles : What is Privert waiting for, ON with Election Verification or else!

Senateur Moise Jean-Charles nan Manifestation Haiti 15 Avril 2014 Haiti - Candidate for president Moise Jean Charles is beginning to wonder what is taking president Jocelerme Privert son long to move fowrard with the election verification commission... Moise and his Platform Pitit Desalin are threatening to hit the streets in protest if the commission doesn't get to work ASAP... more »

Haiti - Depute A. Rodon says TIME for a NEW accord with Privert, Adelante!

Depute A Rodon Bien-Aime vs President Privert Haiti Transition Update -- While some deputes are getting ready for life without Privert as president, Depute A. Rodon Bien-Aime believe it is now time new accord with President Privert... more »

Haiti - Depute Rony Celestin says Time for President Privert to Start Packing his Bags

Depute Rony Celestin vs President Privert Haiti Transition Update - Depute Rony Celestin says President Jocelerme Privert FAILED and its time for him to start packing his bags and resign... more »

Haiti - President Privert wants a meeting with Deputes Wednesday

Jocelerme Privert - Provisional President of Haiti Haiti Transition Update -- President Jocelerme Privert wrote a letter do Chamber of deputes Cholzer Chancy requesting a meeting with the deputes Wednesday 27 Apr 2016... more »

Haiti - Pwal gen Manifestation pou soutni President Privert, pou di yo vle verification

Patizan Moise Jean Charles ap Boule Kawotchou apre Election 25 Octobre la Haiti Manifestation Alert -- Genyen yon mouvman ki pwal lanse nan lari a, ki pwal mande moun pran lari pou soutni president Jocelerme Privert... Yo pwal mande moun yo pran lari pou pou di yo suporte commisison de verification an, dapre yon jounalis nan radio Zenith FM more »

Haiti President Privert Travels to New York on Official Business...

Haiti President Jocelerme Privert ap Kite Peyi a Haitian President Jocelerme Privert and the First Lasy left the country Wednesday in a trip to New York to participate in a the signing ceremony of the Paris climate agreement (COP21) at the United Nations... more »

Haiti - President Michel Martelly EKRI President Jocelerme Privert, Men Kopi Lettre la

Michel Martelly passes the Presidential Sash to Jocelerme Privert Haiti - President Michel Martelly ekri yon lettre bay president Provisoire Jocelerme Privert jounen 15 Avril 2016 la pou di l de twa pawòl sou accord yo te siyen ansanm lan... Men copie lettre la... Bonne Lecture!!! more »