Jean-Henry Ceant - Latest News about Haitian Politics

Jean Henry Ceant is the 21st Prime Minister of Haiti. Ceant was chosen by President Jovenel Moise to become Prime Minister of Haiti in August 2018. he was ratified by parliament mid September.


Senator Dieupie Cherubin: PM Henry Ceant ratification possible Friday

Senator Dieupie Cherubin, the first secretary of the Senate says: The senate commission to ratify Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant is doing everything it can to "liberate the country."

Haiti Prime Minister Henry Ceant could be ratified this weekend, Senate Vice President said

The wait for a new Haitian Prime Minister is almost over... There is a great possibility for the ratification of Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant to take place this weekend, Senate vice president Pierre Francois Sildor told the media Thursday.

Haiti - List of Ministers of the Cabinet or Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant released

A new presidentiel decree has been released maning a list of ministers who will make up the cabinet or Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant.

Finally, Haiti Prime Minister Jean-Henry Ceant submits his statement of general policy to Parliament

The "énoncé de politique générale" (general policy statement) of new Haitian prime minister Jean-Henry Céant was finally submited to parliament Tuesday.

Has Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant been imposed on President Jovenel? Depute Francisque Delacruz thinks so

Thomassique Haiti Depute Francisque 'Tit' Delacruz has a feeling that the choice of Jean Henry Ceant for prime minister was imposed on President Jovenel Moise. According to the depute Jovenel is no Nelson Mandela, he can't understand why the president chose his opponent to be prime minister.

Haiti Depute Francisque Delacruz issues a warning to Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant

The depute of Thomassique, Fransisque 'Tit' Delacruz issued a warning to nominated Prime Minsiter Jean Henry Ceant. Depute Delacruz told Ceant not go to the chamber of Deputes for ratification unless he first sits down with all the different political blocks.

Haitian Politics - Team Jovenel Moise really afraid of Jean Henry Ceant as head of Government

Team Jovenel Moise is really afraid of Henry Ceant becoming the next head of government in Haiti. If Ceant becomes the next prime minister of Haiti, it will be over for president Jovenel Moise, Journalist Louko Desir.

Jovenel Moise destroyed his own majority inside Haiti Parliament, Depute Jean Marie Florestal said

After nominating Jean Henry Ceant prime minister of Haiti, President Jovenel Moise now does not have the majority required at the Chamber of Deputes to make sure Ceant is ratified, nor does he want to, says Port-de-Paix Depute Jean Marie Florestal.

New Haiti Prime Minister Henry Ceant spoke to the Media for the first time (AUDIO)

After submitting his documents to parliament Friday, newly nominated prime minister Jean Henry Ceant spoke to media briefly. Listen to what he had to say...

Gary Bodeau says: Deputes will not be intimidated by other sectors who want to bum-rush PM Henry Ceant's Government

Haitian chamber of deputes president Gary Bodeau issued a warning to nominated Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant regarding the formation of the new government: The deputes will not sit by and watch other sectors with special interest bum-rush the new government. That's not gonna happen!