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Manifestation in Haiti - Road Blocks and Tires Burning at Tabarre in front of Aristide's house..

Tabarre Haiti Manifestation - Kawotchou ap Boule devan kay Aristide Getting around in Tabarre was not very easy today with several hundred supporters of former president Jean Bertrand Aristide protesting outside his residence... Several tweets form various individuals alerted their Haitian followers to seek alternate routes throughout the day... more »

Haiti - Aristide Summons was Hand Delivered by Bailiff Romual Grand Pierre

PHOTO: Haiti - Romual Grand Pierre - Huissier de justice (Bailiff) Former Haiti president Aristide and his layers say then did not receive the summons to appear in court Wednesday however, Bailiff (Huissier de Justice) Romual Grand Pierre admist to making the delivery at Tabarre, at the residence of President Aristide... With some difficulty but delivery was made... more »

Haiti - Warrant for Arisitide Arrest triggered protest in front of his mansion in Tabarre

Manifestation in front of Jean Bertrand Aristide House In Tabarre News broke out Wednesday afternoon of a possible protest in front the mansion of former Haiti President Jean-Bertrand Aristide... The latest news from Haitian radio early Tursday morning suggest that there was in fact a small "spontaneous protest" in Tabarre... more »

Haiti - Aristide is in TROUBLE - Arrest Warrant Issued against the former president

Jean Bertrand Aristide Breaking News... The Haitian justice system had just issued an ARREST warrant (mandat d'arret) against former Haiti president Jean-Bertrand Aristide after he failed to show up at the judges office Wednesday, 10:00 AM, to answer questions regarding a criminal investigation... more »

HAITI Manifestation - Zone Tabarre CHO, Manifestation devan kay Aristide

Demonstrator Holding President Aristide Photo Ta sanble gen yon ti chaleur nan Tabarre zone bo lakay ansyen president Jean Bertrand Aristide... Tamara Orion sou antenne Radio Signal FM bay ti Scoop sou sa men li pa bay ankenn detay... more »

Haiti - President Aristide Ordered to Appear in front of a Judge Wednesday

Jean-Bertrand Aristide Sezi... There is a warrant against former Haiti president Jean Bertrand Aristide to appear in court today, Wednesday, 13 Aug 2014, at 10:00 AM, in front of judge Judge Lamarre Belizaire... Aristide is accused of illicit drug trafficking, embezzlement of public funds, treason, bribery and money laundering and he to appear in court today to answer questions about these charges. more »

Former Presidents Security Detail - Haiti vs USA

Former Presidents Bill Clinton (USA) and Jean Bertrand Aristide (Haiti) Did you know? In the United States, former presidents are protected by the secret Service for their lifetime; however, in Haiti it is not the same... Former Haitian Presidents are only protected for 5 years. it wasn't always like that for the USA... more »

Haiti - Moise Jean-Charles NOT Very Happy about LAVALAS Choosing Maryse Narcisse to run for President

Moise Jean Charles - Jean Bertrand Aristide LAVALAS choice of Maryse Narcisse to run for president of Haiti in 2015 is oriented and imposed by "Ambassade Americaine" Senator Moise Jean-Charles said... Maryse Narcisse works for USAID and former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide has NO choise but to swallow it, senator Moise continued. more »

President Aristide ordered the assassination of Jean Dominique, Former Senator Mirlande Liberus Pavert carried out the order...

Jean Dominique - Jean Bertrand Aristide A shocking report has just been released... Former Haiti Senator Mirlande Libérus and other members of Fanmi Lavalas for the murder of Journalist Jean Dominique... According to the report, President Aristide ordered the assassination, Mirlande Libérus Pavert carried out the order, and the assailants were paid USD $60,000 to do the dirty work... more »

VIDEO: Aristide is a TRAITOR, Senator Moise Jean Charles says...

Senateur Moise Jean Charles ak Photo Aristide li sou kè li Watch the video... Haiti Senator Moise Jean-Charles calls former Haiti President Jean Bertrand Aristide a traitor... The senator believes Aristide is the direct source of his EVICTION from the Fanmi Lavalas Party... more »