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President Jovenel Moise appoints three new Director Generals in the public administration

President Jovenel Moise made news changes in the public administration by appointing 3 New Director Generals. more »

Haiti 3 Branches of Government sign agreement, Lawmakers mandate extended

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly ak Senatè Simon Desras ap bay la main A new political accord has been signed between Haiti's executive, legislative and judicial branches of government extending the mandate of the Haitian Senators and Deputes with the condition that the senators vote the electoral law so that elections can be held finally in the country... more »

Haiti - MOPOD Delegation and Lawyer Andre Michel heading to Petit-Goave Friday

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Haitian activist lawyer Andre Michel and a delegation from Mouvement patriotique de l'opposition démocratique (MOPOD) are heading to Petit-Goave Friday, 05 September 2014... Andre Michel asks that Police Chief Godson Orelus to assume his responsability (That's french for: Make sure nothing happens to me!) more »

Haiti - Political Tension builds up in the city of Petit-Goave over Depute Thimoleon

Haiti Depute Jacques Thimoleon Stevenson The Haitian city of Petit-Goave has been subject to political tensions between partisans and non-partisans of Depute Jacques Stevenson Thimoleon, president of the lower house of Parliament... more »

Petit-Goave Haiti - Lawyers Andre Michel and Newton St-Juste acuse Thimoleon and Lamothe fans of aggression

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Haitian Opposition lawyers Andre Michel and Newton St-Juste were roughed up Monday in the city of Petit-Goave Haiti and they accuse partisans of Chamber of Depute president Jacques Stevenson Thimoleon and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe for this aggression. more »

Haiti - President Martelly VLE aplike Article 12 Accord El Rancho a, l-ap cheche alye...

Haiti - Protocole d'Accord El Rancho - Lapriye pou fini Yon atik nan Le Nouvelliste fe konnen ke president Michel Martelly ak tout Laurent Lamothe te rankontre Lundi avek 2 president chanm yo, senateur Dieuseul Simon Desras ak depute Stevenson Jacques Timoleon, ak kèk manm "influent" nan kominite international la paske, atik la di, sanble President Martelly ap cheche aliés pou li ka aplike article 12 Accord El Rancho a pou elections kapab fèt nan peyi a... more »

Haiti Elections 2014 - The Chamber of Deputies show more Cooperation

Haiti Depute Jacques Thimoleon Stevenson Earlier this week, President of the Chamber of Deputies, Jacques Thimoléon Stevenson, announced that the Assembly of Deputies have reconfirmed their two representatives in Haiti's Electoral Council... Marie Clunie Dumay Miracles and Pierre Simon Georges, two representatives of the Lower House in the CTCEP, will keep their positions after the conversion back to Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) is complete. more »