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Haiti Politics - INITE Pulls Out of Martelly-Paul Government

Haiti Politics - Political party INITE announced Tuesday they have decided to pull out of the 11 January accord that gave birth to the Martelly-Paul Government and they have asked their representative Ariel Henry to submit his resignation... more »

Haiti Elections - Paul Denis (INITE) di gen moun ki PA VLE election fet nan peyi a

Paul Denis - Parti Politique INITE Haiti Ancien Minis Justice Paul Denis (INITE) di: "Gen moun nan peyi a ki pa vle election fèt... Gen moun deyo peyi a ki pa vle election fèt..." Paul Denis di pa gen bagay konsa fòk election an fèt... more »

Haiti Politics - Martelly met with Hard Wing Opposition Leaders, Including Fanmi LAVALAS, Wednesday

Haiti meeting - President Martelly and Fanmi Lavalas There was a meeting between Haiti president Michel Martelly and the leaders of the hard wing opposition Wednesday 17 Dec 2014... Martelly met with FUSION, Kontra Pèp, INITE, Ayisyen pou Ayiti, and Fanmi LAVALAS... more »

Haiti Elections - Paul Denis (INITE) thinks the International Community is playing games

Paul Denis - Parti Politique INITE Haiti When it comes to the Haiti Elections at the end of the year, Paul Denis of the INITE political party thinks the International Community is not very serious about it... He doesn't think they is putting enough pressure so that the elections are held in Haiti by the end of the year... more »

Haiti Elections - Martelly CANNOT take lessons from LAVALAS and INITE, political party leader says...

MESSAGE for the Opposition in Haiti... The Martelly-Lamothe Administration does not have to take any lessons from the LAVALAS party as far as FREE and FAIR Elections are concerned... The elections that took place when LAVALAS was in power were far from Free and Fair, according to Fednel MonCheri, one of the leaders of the Repons Peyizan political party in Haiti... more »

Haiti Politics - Fanmi Lavalas, MOPOD, Fusion, and INITE want to go to Elections BUT...

A new statement has just been released to the Haitian Media signed by many opposition leaders who express concern over the "maneuvers" that the Executive branch is doing to interfere with the Haiti electoral process... more »