Himmler Rebu

If President Jovenel is overthrown, same thing will happen as Aristide's Coup d'Etat, Colonel Rebu said

Former Haitian army colonel Himmler Rebu says he does not wish to see president Jovenel Moise overthrown because there is no plan in place for life after Jovenel.

Himmler Rebu predicts Jovenel Moise will NOT complete his term as President of Haiti (AUDIO)

Former Haitian army colonel Himmler Rebu declares live on radio: "I do not see how president Jovenel Moise will complete his term as president of Haiti." Listen to this AUDIO...

Haiti - Himmler Rebu says: Elections will be a CATASTROPHE 25 Oct However you Twitst it

Haiti Elections Update -- Whether elections are held or not, Himmler Rebu said, it will end in a CATASTROPHE... If there is an election, CATASTROPHE... If there are NO Elections, CATASTROPHE... But Wait, there's more...

Haiti - I Want Results, says Himmler Rebu, Newly elected Youth Minister

Many of Haiti's newly elected ministers made their speeches but one of them caught my attention... That of Himmler Rebu who said: "I did not come here with a list of names to replace you with," talking to the employees of the Ministère de la Jeunesse, des Sports et de l'Action Civique (MJSAC), "however, if ou want to earn a paycheck without working for it, I will arrange with you so you can fine such a place to work... But here, I want results..."

Haiti Elections - Himmler Rebu predicts Martelly will FALL if there is an election

Himmler rebu predicts that Haitian president Michel Martelly will loose power sooner if there is an election in Haiti. His suggestion to the president: DO NOT hold the elections...