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Haiti Military: Presidential decree to re-mobilize the Haitian Army to be released later today,

PHOTO: Haiti President Jovenel Moise Salutes the Soldiers of the New Haitian Military Two presidential decrees (arrêté présidentiel) are expected to be released in regards to the re-mobilization of the Haitian armed forces. The first decree, to officially re-mobilize the army, is due to be released later today, Thursday, 16 November 2017. more »

New Haiti Military: The 3 branches of government met discuss the re-mobilization of the Haitian Army

PHOTO: Haiti - rencontre entre les 3 pouvoirs de l'Etat autour du  rétablissement des Forces armées Haitian president Jovenel Moise and Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant met with the other two branches of government Monday to finalize talks about the re-mobilization of the Haitian army. more »

The Haitian Military will keep its name: Forces Armes d'Haiti (FAD'H)

Haitian Military Engineers accompany Defense Minister Hervé Denis The new Haitian armed forces will not change its name. She will keep her legendary acronym FAD'H. Les Forces Armées d'Haiti... more »

UN Mission to Haiti says YES to the Police, NO to the Army

The New Haitian Army Corps of Engineers: Ministere de la Defense - Republique d'Haiti Although Haitian Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant announced an imminent re-mobilization of the Haitian Army, the New UN Mission for Justice in Haiti does not seem in favor of it. more »

The New Haitian Army will be deployed sooner than you think, Prime Minister says

The New Haitian Army Corps of Engineers: Ministere de la Defense - Republique d'Haiti Breaking News... "The day the Haitian Army will be deployed is almost here," according news Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant during a press conference at the ministry of Communications. more »

Haiti Defense Ministry denounce efforts of demobilized military soldiers claiming to be part of Haiti's new Defense Force

Haiti Men wearing Force Armee d'Haiti jackets at Port-au-Prince Airport waiting for President Jovenel Moise "The Haitian army has been re-mobilized, haven't you heard?" a demobilized Haitian army sergeant told a news reporter near Port-au-Prince airport Friday as a group of old army soldiers in camouflage arrived to, supposedly, provide security to president Jovenel Moise who was arriving from New York... But who sent them? Not the ministry of Defense! more »

Dominican Senator says Haiti's new Army is a threat to the Dominican Republic

Dominican Senator Adriano Sanchez Dominican Senator Adriano Sanchez Roa says the army that Haiti intends to create poses a threat to the island and to the Dominican Republic... more »

Haiti Military : ARISTIDE Presidential Order to disband the Haitian army is STILL in Effect

Former President Aristide escorted by Security Read this... While President Jovenel Moise and his administration are making rapid strides in the remobilization or formation of a new army, no one has thought of returning the presidential decree or the decree from which former President Aristide dissolved the FAD'H. Without this action, the decision of the strong man of Tabarre still applies, according to the connoisseurs in the matter. more »

Haiti Trying to Revive the Military as MINUSTAH Prepares to leave

The Haitian Armed Forces Haitian people are talking.. Should the Haitian military (l'Armée d'Haiti) return to replace MINUSTAH peacekeeping soldiers who are getting to leave the country for good or should Haiti stick with only the national police force to provide security? more »

Brazil to Train 200 for the New Haitian Army Corps of Engineers

The New Haitian Army - La Nouvelle Armée Haitienne The New Haitian Army is about to grow in numbers... NOT in fire power but in Brain power... Brazil and Haiti have just signed an accord Thursday, 29 May 2014, whereby Brazil will train 200 Haitian youths in Military Engineering (French: Genie Militaire). Once they graduate, their task will be to build roads, bridges and infrastructure, also to respond to the future Natural disasters in Haiti... more »