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Haiti Senate: Senator who shot Associated Press photo-journalist said it's self defense

A Photo-journalist of the Associated Press caught a bullet in the face from Haitian senator Jean Marie Ralph Fethiere Monday, the senator is calling self defense.

Haitian Journalists warn about fellow journalists misinforming the population on purpose

Some respected journalists in a few radio stations in Haiti are warning the population about other radio stations in the capital Port-au-Prince who are literally misinforming the population to spread terror and panic simply because the journalist or the media's owner is in opposition against the current government.

Haiti Journalist Clarens Renois political party UNIR ready for Elections

Haiti Elections --- One of the 80+ political parties already registered with the Electoral Council (CEP) is Union Nationale pour l'Intégrité et la Réconciliation (UNIR) by journalist Clarens Renois...