Haitian Army Generals

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General Henri NAMPHY is Died in the Dominican Republic

Henri Namphy, former Haitian president and Lt. General of the Haitian army, died Tuesday, 26 June 2018, in the Dominican Republic. more »

Haiti Senate committee proposed dismissal of Joint Chiefs of the New Haitian Army

Haut Etat-Major de la nouvelles Forces Armée d'Haiti Haiti's Senate Defense and Armed Forces Commission proposes that the Joint Chiefs of the Haitian Armed Forces be dismissed and also the dismissal of its commander-in-chief, Interim Lieutenant-General Jodel Lesage, because of his inactivity. more »

Haitian General Herard Abraham attended General Henry Namphy's Funeral in Santo Domingo

Lieutenant-Général Hérard Abraham - Forces Armées d'Haiti (FADH) Former Haitian army General Hérard Abraham attended the funeral of Lt. General Henry Namphy in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Sunday. Both generals are ex-presidents of Haiti. more »