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Gary Bodeau says: Deputes will not be intimidated by other sectors who want to bum-rush PM Henry Ceant's Government

Haiti Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant and Depute President Gary Bodeau Haitian chamber of deputes president Gary Bodeau issued a warning to nominated Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant regarding the formation of the new government: The deputes will not sit by and watch other sectors with special interest bum-rush the new government. That's not gonna happen! more »

Victor Benoit leaves FUSION and founds his own political party

Victor Benoit Haitian politician Victor Benoit says goodbye to Edmonde Suplice Bauzile and la FUSION des Sociaux Démocrates Haïtiens to create his own political party. more »

Haiti Politique - 250 million gourdes of financing from l'Etat Haitien to 58 political parties

Haiti Financement Des Partis Politiques - Prezidan Jovenel di: Men Gato a, Nou pa Egare! Le Nouvelliste reports... For the first six months of fiscal year 2017-2018, the 58 political organizations with at least one elected official in the last elections will share 250 million gourdes of public funding. more »

Haiti Elections - 192 political parties register to participate in upcoming elections

Haiti Caricature - Kandida aliyen pou jwen ti pati pa yo nan lajan k ap bay pou elections A total of 192 Haitian political parties and platforms have registered with the Haiti Electoral Council (CEP)... They all want participate in the upcoming elections... 192 political parties? more »

Haiti Elections - CEP begins Registration of Political Parties

Haiti Elections - Ballot Box Haitian political parties are begining to line up to register with the Electoral Council (CEP) so they can participate in the upcoming elections. Registration started Monday and will continue for 5 days... more »

Eske Carte de Vote Haiti yo di Membre ki Partie Politique ou ye?

Haiti Voting Pin - Pep La Vote, Now What? QUESTION: Lè yon moun anregistre pou vote en Haiti, eske Carte de Vote la di nan ki pati politique li ye? Tankou Ozetazini, nan kat vote la menm li di ou se yon Republicain, yon Democrat oswa yon Independent... more »