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Petionville Police Commissioner Gospel Monelus shot and wounded during an operation

The police chief of Petionville Haiti, Commissioner Gospel Monélus was shot and wounded during an operation in Delmas 95 Monday night.

Haitian police cars are being used for personal reasons in Haiti, journalist said

One of the topics being discussed on Haitian radio these days is the fact that Haitian police officers are using police vehicles for personal reasons.

Haiti Prime Minister : Haitian citizens can help fight crime by tipping the Police

The Haitian police alone cannot fight crime in Haiti, citizens can help fight crime by tipping the police, Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant said in a in an press conference Wednesday.

A Police Woman Murdered in Haiti

Croix-des-Bouquets Haiti - Another Haitian police officer, Alsshama Toussaint, was murdered this morning, Tuesday.

Tension in Haiti - Protesters target police officers with stones, Police vehicle set on Fire near National Palace

Tension rising near the National Palace in Port-au-Prince Haiti. Protesters targeted police officers with stones, a police car was set on fire, police used tear gas and Senator Antonio Cheramy (Don Kato) was a gas victim.

Attempt to Arrest ex-Senator Moise Jean Charles

A vehicle carrying ex Senator Moise Jean Charles had a run-in with the Haitian police in Delmas 75 Wednesday 13 September 2017, around 12:50pm. A tense situation developed thereafter...

MINUSTAH Leaving Haiti, Police Chief Michel-Ange Gedeon visits Northern Police Unit

The UN Peacekeeping forces are leaving Northern Haiti for good Thursday June 15. Haiti police chief Michel Ange Gedeon made a quick visit to the city of Cap-Haitien for a tour of the former headquarters of MINUSTAH in Cap-Haitien, now under the control of UDMO, the Departmental Law Enforcement Unit.

Haiti - POLICE/CIMO Block PM Evans Paul from entering Prime Minister's Residence

Have you heard? A team of CIMO prevented Prime Minister Evans Paul from entering the grounds of the Prime Minister's Residence Monday Night... It took many phone calls and the elite SWAT Team before the prime minister was able to regain entry to the residence...

SCOOP: Haiti - Police go around collecting Used TIRES Night before of Elections Results

Port-au-Prince Haiti, the night before Elections Results --- Haitian police officers were very busy going around Port-au-Prince collecting used tires Wednesday Night, the night before presidential elections are scheduled to be released...

Haiti Elections - Police Chief Reassures Voters, Security Tight, Go out and Vote

Haiti Elections Update - Chief of police Godson Orelus reassures Haitian voters they will be safe when they go out to cast their vote this Sunday, 25 Ocober 2014 for their choice for president...