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Haiti Education Minister asks parents to send the children back to school after protests

PHOTO: Pierre Josué Agénor Cadet - Haiti Education Minister "After 7 days of protests, we hear the voice of the Haitian school children who cannot go to school. The children want to go to school," Education Minister Pierre Josué Agénor Cadet who asks Haitian parents to the send the children back to school. more »

FLASH: Haiti - Shots Fired at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Breaking News From Haiti The Haiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs was attacked by armed bandits who fired many shots at the government building early morning Wednesday around 3:00am... more »

FLASH: Haiti - New List of Transition Government Ministers Released

Haiti Primature - Bureau du Premier Ministre Haiti Transition Update -- The list of all the new government Ministres under the Jocelerme Privert / Fritz Jean administration has been released. Here is the list... Take a Look... SCOOP: Senator Desras is in the list too! more »

FLASH: Haiti Minister of Agriculture Fresner Dorcin has just resigned from his post

Fresner Dorcin Breaking News... Haiti Politics - In less than 48 hours, another Minister has resigned... Fresner Dorcin has just submitted his resignation as Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources... more »

Haiti Politics - FUSION Leaders Who resigned from Martelly Administration are STILL running things...

Victor Benoit In Haitian politics, "I hereby submit my resignation" does not necessarily mean "I am outta here!" Ask Victor Benoit, the FUSION political party Social Affairs Minister who recently resigned making headline news... He is still in office continuing to "liquider les affaires courantes" AND he is NOT the Only one!!! more »

Haiti Agriculture Minister Jean Francois Thomas Resigns

Jean Francois Thomas - Haiti Minister of Agriculture Breaking News... Haiti agriculture Jean Francois Thomas announced his resignation Friday due the student protests in Damien... The minister was never able to go to his office since he became Minister of Agriculture... more »

Haiti - Rudy Heriveaux NO SHOW for installation of new Communication Minister

Installation du nouveau Ministre de la Communication Rotchild Francois Jr In the News today... Former Haiti communication minister Rudy Heriveaux did not show up for the installation of the new Communication Minister Rotchild Francois Jr Tuesday, 20 Jan 2015... The installation was carried out by Haiti tourism minister more »

SCOOP... Evans Paul to be Installed Prime Minister of Haiti Today, Friday...

Evans PAUL (Kaplim) BREAKING NEWS... We have just been informed that Evans Paul (KaPlim) will be installed as the new Prime Minister of Haiti later today, Friday, 16 Jan 2014, along with his cabinet... more »

Haiti - Manifestan nan Ti Goave kraze vit machine Ministre Reginald Delva

Haiti - Machine Ministre Reginald Delva Kraze nan Petit-Goave Tande koze mezanmi... Manifestan nan ville Petit Goave kraze vit machin officiel Minis Reginald Delva, Minis enteryè ak kolektivite teritoryal la, pandan li ta ale nan vil la pou pale ak dirijan yo ak kek manm nan opozisyon an... more »

Haiti - I Want Results, says Himmler Rebu, Newly elected Youth Minister

Himmler Rebu Many of Haiti's newly elected ministers made their speeches but one of them caught my attention... That of Himmler Rebu who said: "I did not come here with a list of names to replace you with," talking to the employees of the Ministère de la Jeunesse, des Sports et de l'Action Civique (MJSAC), "however, if ou want to earn a paycheck without working for it, I will arrange with you so you can fine such a place to work... But here, I want results..." more »