Haiti Election 2015

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Haiti Manifestation Nan Lari Port-au-Prince pou mande Installation Cartel Magistrat yo

Haitian Police kicking a burning tire during a street protest Haiti Manifestation - Plisye santèn protestatè te pran lari Port-au-Prince nan weekend lan pou mande installation cartel magistrat yo... more »

Haiti Elections - Repons Peyizan ak Viktwa di Jovenel Moise ap Lanse Kanpay li 24 Mars

Poster Campagne Jovenel Moise President Haiti Elections Update -- Pati politik Repons Peyizan ak Viktwa fè konnen ke Candidat a la Presidence Jovenel Moise ap lanse kanpay officiellement jounen Jeudi 24 Mars 2016 la, yon mwa avan dat 2eme tour election an sipoze fèt... more »

Haiti Elections - 8 of 9 sectors choose their representative for New Electoral Council (CEP)

Jumpstarting the CEP Haiti Elections Update -- The new electoral council (CEP) is taking shape... eight out of nine sectors have already chosen their representive to represent them at the new CEP. Only the Trade Union sector (le secteur syndical) remains... more »

Haiti - Jovenel Moise di: Se Dezyem tou Election n'ap Tann, se nan Election nou Pwale...

Jovenel Moise Speaking Haiti Election -- Candidat PHTK Jovenel Moise di: "Se dezyèm tou election nou mande, se dezyèm tou election nap tann, se nan election nou pwale..." Nan yon conference de presse jounen Mardi 16 Fevrier 2016 la nan Kinam Hotel... more »

Haiti - Schiller Louidor di: C'est FINI l'Affaire de JOVENEL...

Jovenel Moise and Schiller Louidor Schiller Louidor de Fanmi LAVALAS di: "Martelly te anvi ba nou yon bannan, li pa rive bay li... Il n'a pas eu de Jovenel, il n'auras pas de Jovenel... Jamais de la vie, c'est fini... C'est fini cette histoire..." Lundi, Nan emission Haiti Aujourd'hui sou antenne Radio Signal FM... more »

Haiti - 2nd Round Presidential Elections Scheduled for April 24th 2016, IF ALL goes well...

Haiti Palais Nationale - 2 Men Nan Tet Haiti Elections Update -- The agreement signed by now former President Michel Martelly and the two presidents of the Senate and Chamber of Deputes set the second round presidential elections for April 24th, 2016... If everything goes according to plan the newly elected president of Haiti is to be installed on May 14. more »

Haiti Politics - 6 Days left on Martelly's Mandate, No Concrete Solution Yet

Politisyen Haitien Se Demagog The Opposition keeps saying: "07 Fevrier, Martelly has to GO," However, there is only 6 days left until President Martelly's term expires and there is no concrete solution signed, sealed and delivered as to Who will replace Martelly at the National Palace. more »

Haiti Elections - New OEA Mission to Arrive in Haiti in the Coming Days

Counting The Votes, Haiti Vote Tabulation Center Haiti Elections Update -- A new Mission from the Organization of American States (OEA/OAS) is due to arrive in Haiti in the coming days to act as a mediator between the political actors in order to find a solution for Haiti past 07 Fevrier... more »

Haiti Politics - Senator Delacruz NOT Happy Martelly Wants to Stay in Power past 07 Fevrier

Haiti Senateur Francisco de la Cruz Haiti Politics Update -- Senator Francisco de la Cruz is not very happy to hear that President Michel Martelly intends to stay in power after 07 Fevrier when his term expires... more »

FLASH: Haiti CEP - Pierre Louis Opont RESIGNS

Pierre Louis Opont - CEP President Haiti Elections Update -- Electoral Council (CEP) president Pierre Louis Opont has resigned from his post late night Thursday according to a credible news source, Rado Signal FM Reports... more »