Haiti Elections - Moise Jean Charles Says: ALL FRAUDS Point to Jovenel Moise

Haiti Elections Update -- Less than 3 days before the election verification commission report is due to come out, Pitit Desalin candidate for president Moise Jean Charles says ALL FRAUDS in the recent presidential elections point to ONLY ONE candidate: Jovenel Moise, the PHTK candidate...

PHOTO: Haiti Elections Posters - Moise Jean Charles, Moise Jovenel, KI MOISE w ap Vote???

KREYOL: Haiti - Moise Jean Charles di: TOUT FRAUDE ki te fèt nan election presidentiel yo profitab a kandida JOVENEL Moise a 90 pousan... Moise Jean Charles di se yo n fraude generalisé et massive... Kisa ou panse de sa???

Moise Jean Charles spoke on many radio stations all day Friday, Radio Caraibes in the morning, radio Zenith FM mid day, and SCOOP FM early afternoon with the same exact message. The former opposition Senator says there is only one candidate guilty of fraud, 90 percent of the fraud, and his name is Jovenel Moise.

Moise Jean Charles says the entire election machine committed mass frauds in favor of the PHTK candidate.

"Are you not trying to incluence the decision of the verfication commission ahead of the report release?" Scoop FM radio Journalist Presimon Marco Jean asked Moise Jean Charles.

Senator moise answeed: "NO, we had our folks monitoring the verification process and we are simply telling the public what we saw."

Hmmmm.... LOL...

What do you think about that?

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Subject: Haiti Elections - Moise Jean Charles Says: ALL FRAUDS Point to Jovenel Moise edit

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