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Political Dialogue in Haiti: For the country or for their pockets?

Haiti - Protocole d'Accord El Rancho - Lapriye pou fini Everybody is talking about dialogue today when it comes to Haitian politics but what is the purpose of this dialogue? Are they thinking about the country or are some people trying to position themselves so they can milk the big fat cow called Haiti? more »

Haiti - Kisa President Martelly di Nation an nan diskou 12 Desanm 2014 li a?

Michel Martelly After Haiti Election Day 2010 President Michel Martelly bay mesaj li a la nation Haitienne jounen 12 Desanm 2014 li a... Mwen vle pataje ak nou tout sa President Martelly te di nan Mesaj li a... Men yon resume kisa president Martelly te di... more »

Haiti Elections - Charlito Baker favors the application of Article 289 of the constitution

Haiti - Protocole d'Accord El Rancho - Charlito Baker ak Himler Rebu ap Siyen When it comes to elections in Haiti, former Haiti Presidential candidate Charles Henri (Charlito) Baker, Leader of political party Respè, says that another round of discussion is useless and insists that Article 289 of the constitution be applied to form a provisional electoral council (CEP) more »

Haiti - Deputes vote 45 to 7 in favor of implementing Article 12 of the El Rancho Accord

Deputes Casting their vote - Haiti Chambre des Deputes In Haiti, the deputes want Elections this year... Haitian deputes say in a loud voice: Implement Article 12 of the El Rancho Accord so that the elections can be held at the end of the year... The deputes convened and adopted a resolution Thursday recommending the implementation of Article 12... Will Martelly do it? Can Martelly do it? more »

Haiti - President Martelly VLE aplike Article 12 Accord El Rancho a, l-ap cheche alye...

Haiti - Protocole d'Accord El Rancho - Lapriye pou fini Yon atik nan Le Nouvelliste fe konnen ke president Michel Martelly ak tout Laurent Lamothe te rankontre Lundi avek 2 president chanm yo, senateur Dieuseul Simon Desras ak depute Stevenson Jacques Timoleon, ak kèk manm "influent" nan kominite international la paske, atik la di, sanble President Martelly ap cheche aliés pou li ka aplike article 12 Accord El Rancho a pou elections kapab fèt nan peyi a... more »

Haiti President Martelly: I do not Want to Become a PUPPET

Marionette President Michel Martelly nan Kanaval Gonaives "The President of the Republic should not be a puppet and I have no intention of becoming this puppet," Haitian President Michel Martelly said to the media after the failed attempt to reach an agreement at Best Western with the Senate Wednesday 04 June 2014... more »

Haiti - Politics : NO Results after 2 days of dialogue between President Martelly and the Senators

Rencontre President Martelly avek Senate yo Mardi 3 Juin 2014 Nothing came out the two-day dialogue between Haiti's Executive branch and the Senators of the Republic. President Michel Martelly wants to apply article 12 of the El Rancho accord while the Senators from the opposition stand firm on article 289 of the Haitian Constitution in order to create a new Electoral body (CEP) to organize the elections... more »

Haiti Senate President distances himself from the El Rancho Agreement

Dieuseul Simon Desras - Senateur De La Republique d'Haiti Haiti Senator Simon Dieuseul Desras, the president of National Assembly, informed Tuesday that he is formally out of the El Rancho agreement. Desras also says that since Parliament is not represented in the Monitoring Committee (Comité de suivi de l'accord El Rancho), he considers the accord null and void... more »

Haiti Elections 2014 - The Chamber of Deputies show more Cooperation

Haiti Depute Jacques Thimoleon Stevenson Earlier this week, President of the Chamber of Deputies, Jacques Thimoléon Stevenson, announced that the Assembly of Deputies have reconfirmed their two representatives in Haiti's Electoral Council... Marie Clunie Dumay Miracles and Pierre Simon Georges, two representatives of the Lower House in the CTCEP, will keep their positions after the conversion back to Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) is complete. more »

Haiti Executive branch, only actor implementing the El Rancho accord, PM says...

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe at a Haitian Senate Hearing Haiti Prime minister Laurent Lamothe tweets... The executive is keeping its word and is the only actor implementing the El Rancho accord... more »