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Sophia Martelly Decharge - La Cour Superieure des Comptes responds to Andre Michel

President and Vice President of Haiti's Cour Supérieure des Comptes Fritz Robert Saint-Paul, vice president of the Superior Court of Auditors (La Cour superieure des comptes - CSCCA) proves wrong the accusations of André Michel, the opposition leader who criticized the institution for rendering a "favorable judgment" to former First Lady Sophia Martelly. more »

Affaire PetroCaribe - Haiti's Superior court of Auditors announce it will release its PetroCaribe report in January 2019

La Cour Supérieure des Comptes et du Contentieux administratif CSCCA The Petro Caribe Challenge has reached the ears of the judges at the The Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Litigation ( La Cour supérieure des comptes et du contentieux administratif - CSCCA) who officially announced it will release its report on the handling of the PetroCaribe dossier which was sent to the Court by the Senate of the Republic in January 2019. more »

Haiti Sophia Martelly granted discharge by La Cour superieure des comptes

Haiti - President Martelly and first lady Sophia Martelly after voting in August 2015 elections The Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Disputes (La Cour supérieure des comptes - CSCCA) has granted discharge to the former First Lady, Sophia Saint-Rémy Martelly, wife of ex president Michel Martelly. more »

Haiti Elections - NO 'Decharge' for former officers of public funds wanting to run in the next election

Laurent Lamothe - Ex Prime Minister of Haiti In order for ex Haiti officials managing government money to run for President, Senator, et cetera in the upcoming elections, You must have a clearance certificate or décharge... La Cour Superieure des Comptes has just announced it will NOT grand such Clearance... more »