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Haiti Security: President Jovenel sees new armored police vehicles as extra step for more efficient policing

Haitian President Jovenel Moise is very happy to have received new armored vehicles for the police. "This an extra step for more efficient policing," the president said. more »

Haiti Police Brutality - A video of Haitian riot police throwing stones at a protester has gone viral

A video of a young man lying on the ground on which riot police threw stones during an intervention not far from the residence of President Jovenel Moïse, in Pèlerin 5, Sunday, June 9, was seen and shared by thousands of people on the social media networks. more »

Godson Orelus, former Haiti police chief released from prison

Four months after his incarceration in the civil prison of Saint-Marc, the former head of the Haitian National Police, Godson Orelus got his freedom Tuesday, February 26, 2019. more »

Former Haiti Police chief Godson Orelus arrested in Saint-Marc on gun trafficking charges

Godson Orelus, the former Director General of the Haitian National Police force (PNH) was arrested in Saint-Marc Friday in connection with an illegal shipment of firearms into Haiti back in 2016. more »

MINUSTAH Leaving Haiti, Police Chief Michel-Ange Gedeon visits Northern Police Unit

Michel-Ange Gedeon - Haiti Police Chief The UN Peacekeeping forces are leaving Northern Haiti for good Thursday June 15. Haiti police chief Michel Ange Gedeon made a quick visit to the city of Cap-Haitien for a tour of the former headquarters of MINUSTAH in Cap-Haitien, now under the control of UDMO, the Departmental Law Enforcement Unit. more »