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Haiti Elections - Tiers Senat - Liste des Candidats, 149 Candidats pour 10 sieges

Haiti Elections Caricature - Gade Kandida, gade kandida... Here is the list of 149 candidates who signed up online for 10 vacant senate seats in Haiti -- Voici la liste de 149 candidats pour 10 sièges vacants du Sénat en Haiti... more »

FLASH: Haiti Elections - Candidate Ernst Jeudy KICKED OUT of the Race for Depute

Ernst Jeudy Haiti Elections UPDATE -- The Electoral Council (CEP) has just kicked out Delmas Candidate for Depute Ernst Jeudy from the second round of the legislative elections after discovering that Ernst Jeudy is a former convict in the United States who spent 3.5 years in prison for drug trafficking... more »

Haiti - There will be NO Elections 25 October, say National Front of Candidates

Politisyen Haitien Se Demagog Haiti Elections Update -- The National front of Candidates claim that NO Elections will take place on 25 October 2015 as scheduled by the Electoral Council (CEP)... These protester candidates are calling for the annulment of the elections and the breakdown of the CEP... more »

Lucien Jura, Haiti National Palace Press Secretary, Candidate for Deputy of Arcahaie

Lucien Jura "I plan to run for the post of Deputy of Arcahaie Haiti in the upcoming elections, " said Lucien Jura, the spokesman for President Michel Martelly, on a live radio show in the Port-au-Prince Saturday, 07 Jun 2014... When asked: "Sou ki banyè?" (under what banner?) Lucien Jura replied: "Ca va venir..." (soon you will know) more »