Haiti Candidat a la Presidence

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Haiti Anti-Jovenel: JUDE Celestin is trying to Make some Noise these days...

Jude Celestin, two-time Candidate for President of Haiti Former Candidate for President Jude Celestin, the man who rarely talks even during his campaign, has come out of his silence to speak against all the things gone "WRONG" in Haiti recently... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Candidate Jude Celestin has just confirmed his participation in the elections

Haiti Caricature - Jude Celestin Confusion Total Breaking News... Haiti candidate for president Jude Celestin has just finished confirming with the electoral council (CEP) his participation for the upcoming presidential elections... more »

Haiti - Will Candidate Steve KHAWLY Participate in Election Do-Over? Answer here...

Steeve Khawly, Candidat a la Presidence 2016 Haiti Elections Update -- In case you are wondering if YES or NO Bouclier candidate for president Steeve Khawly will confirm with the electoral council (CEP) his participation in election do-over, here is what we know so far... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Dejean Belizaire Joins list of Candidates for President-for-120-days at the last minute

Dejean Belizaire Haiti Transition 2016 Update -- former Senate President Dejean Belizaire, 2005 candidate for president of Haiti, has decided to join the list of candidates for "President for 120 days" at the last very minute... more »

Haiti Election 2015 - Louko DESIR Pote Lamp nan RARA a Mwens Vot ke tout lot Candidat a la Presidence yo!

Haiti Elections - Luckner 'Louko' Desir, Candidat a la Presidence Pami tout 54 candidat a la Presidence yo, Se Luckner 'Louko' DESIR pote lamp nan RARA a... Selman 591 moun nan tout peyi a vote pou Louko Desir, Misye fè mwens vòt ke tout lot Candidat a la Presidence yo... 0.04% electora a... more »

Haiti Elections - Candidat Eric Jean Baptiste di "Dezyem Tou Tet Dwat!"

Haiti Elections - Eric Jean Baptiste di dezyèm Tou Tèt Dwat Haiti Election Update -- Candidat a la Presidence Eric Jean Baptiste fè konnen ke li menm tou, li pwale nen dezyèm tou dapre pwosè vèbal ki nen men li... Sa fè konbyen kandida ki pwal nan dezyèm tou laa menm??? more »