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The People of Haiti demand accountability, Finance Minister tells new Anti-Corruption Boss Claudy Gassant

Ministre Joseph Jouthe, Maitre Claudy Gassant - ULCC Ministre Joseph Jouthe, Haiti's finance minister made sure to remind Maitre Claudy Gassant, the new boss of the anti-corruption unit ULCC that he took the job at a moment when the people of Haiti are incessantly demanding accountability. more »

Maitre Claudy Gassant installed as Director General of ULCC

Installation de Maitre Claudy Gassant - ULCC Haiti The Moise administration wasted no time installing Maitre Claudy Gassant as Director General of ULCC. On the same day news broke of him being appointed, he was installed on his post as head of the Anti-corruption unit. more »

Maitre Claudy Gassant appointed director General of Haiti Anti-Corruptoin Unit ULCC

Maitre Claudy Gassant Maitre Claudy Gassant is the new director General of Haiti's Anti-Coruption Unit -- Unité de Lutte Contre la Corruption (ULCC). Maitre Claudy Gassant was installed on the same day, December 03, 2019. more »

OAS to spend USD 17.7 million to fight corruption in Haiti

Kote Kob PetroCaribe a? Steven Benoit, Rene Preval, Jude Celestin The Organization of American States (OAS) has decided to support a program to fight against corruption in Haiti with a technical and financial assistance of $ 17.7 million. more »

Haiti - President Martelly to ULCC : Fight Corruption Starting with ME

Haiti President Michel Martelly - Yap pale yo PA travay Haiti Anti-Corruption Update -- President Michel Martelly has just issued a ZERO Tolerance against corruption in Haiti... "President Martelly told me not to hesitate to take action, even if he was the one involved in corruption," says Rodiny Jean-Baptiste, Chief of ULCC, the Unit to Combat Corruption in the country... more »

Haiti wants to revise its 179 Years Old Penal Code, Updated since 1825

Haiti Code Penal Dates back to 1835 - True or False? Can you believe this? The Haiti criminal code (or penal code) is 179 years old... It has not changed 1825... Except 179 years ago there were no kidnapping, drive by shooting or none of that... The Haitian Government wants to revise the penal code. more »