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Palais National Haiti, Wilson Laleau is OUT of the door, 16 presidential counselors dismissed

Wilson Laleau - Chief of Staff of Haiti president Jovenel Moise Haitian president Jovenel Moise did a serious clean up around him by getting rid of his Chief of Staff Wilson Laleau and his Secretaire Generale Yves Germain Joseph whose names are linked to PetroCaribe. 16 other known cabinet members including Ardouin Zéphirin and Guichard Doré are dismissed. more »

Finally, Haiti Prime Minister Jean-Henry Ceant submits his statement of general policy to Parliament

Haiti - Speech of President Jovenel Moise during the official presentation ceremony of new Prime Minister Henry Ceant (VIDEO) The "énoncé de politique générale" (general policy statement) of new Haitian prime minister Jean-Henry Céant was finally submited to parliament Tuesday. more »