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In any organized country Senator Garcia Delva would have to resign, Edo Zenny said

Former Haitian senator Edwin 'Edo' Zenny argues that, if were living any other country on earth that is organized, Senator Garcia Delva would have to resign following a scandal erupted that he is in constant contact with Haiti's most wanted gang leader.

Senator Zokiki: I will release the list Tuesday of all authorities in contact with gang leader Arnel

Haitian Senator Jean Renel 'Zokiki' Senatus announces that Tuesday, April 30, 2019, he will release the the list of all officials who have been in contact with gang leader Arnel Joseph.

Haiti Senator Garcia Delva kicked out of Youri Latortue's Political Party AAA

Haitian Singer/Senator Garcia Delva,elected under the banner of the political party Ayiti an aksyon (AAA), has been kicked out of that party led by Youri Latortue.

I am ready to go to the National Penitentiary, Haitian Senator Garcia Delva said

Concerning his alleged connection with gang leader Arnel Joseph, Haitian Senator said he is ready to go to prison at the National Penitentiary if there is any proof he plotted with the gangster to disturb public peace.

Singer/Senator Garcia Delva accused of being in constant communication with gang leader Arnel Joseph

Famous Haitian singer and senator Garcia Delva is in the middle of huge controversy right now. He has been accused by his colleagues of being in constant contact via telephone with gang leader Arnel Joseph.

Senator Garcia Delva sends a message to the Haitian people and the corrupted hiding behind PetroCaribe

Listen to this AUDIO... Haitian Senator ask everyone who is corrupted and hiding behind the PetroCaribe challenge movement to stop using the little people for their own benefit.

Haiti - Depute Gracia DELVA accused of Stealing 2 Generators

Gracia DELVA, the Singer-Depute of Marchand Dessalines, has been accused by some his constituents of stealing two generators that was paid by the state to provide electricity in the sity of Marchand... Gracia Delva denies these allegations...

Haiti Elections - Garcia DELVA Election Win Eliminated, Elections Do-Over in Artibonite

Haiti Elections Update - Singer Candidate for Depute Garcia DELVA who won the 09 August 2015 elections in the first round is out of LUCK... His win has been eliminiated, He has to try all over again because elections in the Artibonite department of Haiti is a Do-Over...

Haiti Elections - Garcia DELVA Candidacy Rejected

Haiti Elections Update -- Former Depute singer Garcia DELVA has been kicked out of the electoral race... Garcia Delva will not enjoy a second term in parliament...

Haiti - Garcia Delva Kandida PHTK - Election 2015

Ancien Depute chantè Garcia Delva kandida pou depute Marchand Dessalines ankò anba banyè Pati Haitien Tet Kale (PHTK) dapre list kandida ke Konsey Electoral (KEP) a mete deyò...