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Victor Benoit leaves FUSION and founds his own political party

Victor Benoit Haitian politician Victor Benoit says goodbye to Edmonde Suplice Bauzile and la FUSION des Sociaux Démocrates Haïtiens to create his own political party. more »

Haiti Politics - FUSION Leaders Who resigned from Martelly Administration are STILL running things...

Victor Benoit In Haitian politics, "I hereby submit my resignation" does not necessarily mean "I am outta here!" Ask Victor Benoit, the FUSION political party Social Affairs Minister who recently resigned making headline news... He is still in office continuing to "liquider les affaires courantes" AND he is NOT the Only one!!! more »

Haiti - Victor Benoit Resigns as Minister of Affaires Sociales

Victor Benoit Haiti Ministre des Affaires Sociales et du Travail, Victor Benoit, has decides to resigne from his post following the call by the FUSION political party to all it members to resign in block from the Martelly-Paul government... more »

Haiti - FUSION Political Party Walks Out of Martelly-Paul Government

Edmonde Supplice Beauzile FUSION Haiti political party FUSION des Sociaux Democrates made it public that its members will resign and walk away from their posts in the Martelly-Paul Government by the end of the week... Resignation letters are expected for Victor Benoit, ministres des affaires sociales, and Yverose Morquette, Ministre à la condition féminine, both members of FUSION... more »

Haiti - Armed Gunmen Attack FUSION Political Party Headquarters

Edmonde Supplice Beauzile FUSION Two gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire on the headquarters of the FUSION of Social Democrats political party located in Christ Roi Tuesday, 20 Jan 2015, according Rosemond Pradel, a party board member... more »

Haiti Manifestation - Protestors ransack FUSION Headquarters, Edmonde Supplice Beauzile complains

Edmonde Supplice Beauzile FUSION Former Haiti senator Edmonde Supplice Beauzile complains on Facebook how MOPOD opposition street protestors ransacked the office of the FUSION political party Saturday, 17 Jan 2015... Funny think is... FUSION des Sociaux Démocrates is in the Opposition... more »

Haiti Politics - Martelly met with Hard Wing Opposition Leaders, Including Fanmi LAVALAS, Wednesday

Haiti meeting - President Martelly and Fanmi Lavalas There was a meeting between Haiti president Michel Martelly and the leaders of the hard wing opposition Wednesday 17 Dec 2014... Martelly met with FUSION, Kontra Pèp, INITE, Ayisyen pou Ayiti, and Fanmi LAVALAS... more »

Haiti Politics - Fanmi Lavalas, MOPOD, Fusion, and INITE want to go to Elections BUT...

Haiti Elections - Ballot Box A new statement has just been released to the Haitian Media signed by many opposition leaders who express concern over the "maneuvers" that the Executive branch is doing to interfere with the Haiti electoral process... more »