Nicolas Duvalier - Politics in Haiti, the latest news

Nicolas Duvalier is the son of former Haitian president Jean-Claude Duvalier. Grand son of ex president Francois Duvalier.

His full name is Francois Nicolas Duvalier, names after his grandfather.


Nicolas Duvalier to Opposition: "I will never agree for an elected president to leave office just like that"

Jean-Claude Duvalier, President Jovenel Moise, Nicolas Duvalier Nicolas Francois Duvalier made it very clear to the opposition in Haiti that he does not want President Jovenel Moise to be forced out of office just like that. more »

The Haitian media is buzzing about Nicolas Duvalier as the next President of Haiti

Nicolas Duvalier at the funeral of his father, ex Haiti president Jean-Claude Duvalier Could ex-dictator Jean Claude Duvalier's son, Nicolas Duvalier become the next president of Haiti? Suddenly, the media is talking abouNicolas Duvalier following an interview he gave to Voice of America (Lavwadlamerik) in Washington D.C. but what are the possibilities? more »

VIDEO: Nicolas Duvalier for President? To serve my country that interests me, he said

Nicolas Duvalier, Son of ex President Jean-Claude 'Babydoc' Duvalier Watch this video... Nicolas Duvalier says he is very interested in serving his country. Will he be a candidate for president in the next Haiti elections? Watch and learn... more »