Haiti President Jovenel Moise First Trip to Europe

Haitian President Jovenel Moise left Port-au-Prince for a week-long official visit to Europe, his first trip to Europe since becoming president of Haiti

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly Drives France President Francois Hollande to the Airport

Haiti - President Michel Michel Martelly got behind the wheel of an official vehicle to drive French president Francois Hollande to the airport after his official visit to the country... (see photo)

Haiti - Anti Francois Hollande Manifestation at Faculte Ethnologie during his visit

Breaking News... Haiti - There is an Anti Francois Hollande Manifestation happening now at Faculte Ethnologie on the day the French president is visiting the country... Student are shouting ABA KOLON... NOU PAP ESKLAV ANKO... ABA IMPERIALIST...

France President Francois Hollande Coming to Haiti in May

French president Francois Hollande will be visiting Haiti 12 May 2015 while on tour in other countries in the Caribbean, the French embassy in Haiti said.

Haiti Diplomacy - France sends new Ambassador Elisabeth Beton to Haiti

New France Ambassador to Haiti Elisabeth Beton arrives in Haiti to replaces Patrick Nicoloso in this post... Ambassador Beton is due to meet with president Martelly to present her letter of credence...

Haiti President Martelly visits Fort de Joux prison in France where Toussaint Louverture died

Haitian President Michel Martelly visited the dungeon (cachot) in Fort de Joux, France, where Toussaint Louverture died back 7 April 1803...