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AUDIO: Haiti - Rony Timothee says: Find CEP Opont, Tie Him UP Bring Him To Me... Isn't that Kidnapping?

Rony Timothee - FOPARK Listen to this AUDIO... That's Kidnapping isn't it??? Opposition leader Rony Timothee of FOPARK asks anyone out there, if you find Pierre Louis Opont, the president of the Electoral Council (CEP), "catch him, tie him up and bring him to me," he says... more »

Haiti Elections - Biron Odige THREATENS Martelly: Either Moise Jean-Charles Becomes The Next President OR REVOLUTION!

Biron Odige - Dirijan FOPARK Haiti post-election update -- Biron Odige of FOPARK, makes a direct THREAT to President Martelly and the Electoral Council (CEP) and the International Community: "Either Moise Jean Charles becomes the NEXT president of Haiti OR there's gonna be a REVOLUTION..." more »

Haiti Elections - Rony Timothee DARES Martelly to Install Jovenel Moise as President 7 Fevrier

Rony Timothee - FOPARK Haiti post-election update -- FOPARK opposition leader Rony Timothee literally dares president Michel Martelly: 'I Dare you, Michel Malfini, If you think you got the balls, Install Jovenel Moise as president on 7 Fevrier..." more »

Haiti Elections - Timothee Rony anrejistre kom Kandida Pou Depute l'Ouest

Rony Timothee - FOPARK Haiti Elections Update - Timothee Rony nan ligne pou enskri kom kandida DEPUTE Port-au-Prince anba bannyè Platfom Pitit Desalin... Kisa ou panse? more »

Haiti - FOPARK is ready to meet with Martelly but his Resignation must be in the discussions, says Andre Michel

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Haiti activist lawyer Andre Michel says that opposition group FOPARK is ready to meet with President Michel Martelly but they demand that his resignation and the organization of elections must be in the discussions menu... more »

Haiti - Aristide gets a visit from FOPARK and a Delegation of Senators and Deputes Tuesday

Rony Thimothee - FOPARK - Jean Bertrand Aristide A delegation consisting of members (Fos Patriyotik pou Respe Konstitisyon) FOPARK and several senators and representatives will visit former president Jean Bertrand Aristide at his resident in Tabarre Tuesday 16 Sept 2014... more »

Manifestation in Haiti - Yet another Anti-Martelly protest dispersed by police

Manifestation Anti Martelly Haiti 14 May 2014 Haitian police has dispersed yet another anti-Martelly protest in Port-au-Prince Haiti tuesday, 10 June 2014, heading for the National Palace.... more »

Haiti Police denies rumors that Timothee Rony was abused in Arcahaie Prison

Rony Timothee - FOPARK Haiti National polices says the rumors are FALSE... Rumors that FOPARK spokesperson Rony Timothee was abused and raped while imprisoned in Arcahaie Haiti... more »

TRUE or FALSE? When a troublemaker is arrested in a Haiti manifestation, he becomes a 'political prisoner'

Mario Beauvoir - Haitian Lawyer Haitian Politics case study - What is a political prisonner? What is a legitimate arrest in times of political tensions? --- There is something I don't quite understand as far as 'Manifestation Politique' in Haiti is concerned... Everytime a troublemaker is arrested during a protest, opposition leaders cry "Prisionier Politique." This seems to contradict a statement made recently by a Haitian lawyer recently... more »

Haiti - FOPARK leader Rony Timothee Arrested in Port-au-Prince...

Rony Timothee - FOPARK FLASH... Haitian political activist opposition leader Rony Timothée of FOPARK (Fòs Patriyotik pou Respè Konstitisyon an) was arrested by police Saturday, 17 May 2014, somewhere near the Port-au-Prince Airport... There was an arrest against him according to Haitian news reports... more »