Evaliere Beauplan

FLASH: Haiti Plot to Overthrow President Jovenel Moise by Don Kato, Beauplan, Moise, Yvon Feuille, Nenel Cassy

Breaking News... Haiti Senator Don Kato, Senator Evaliere Beauplan, Moise, Yvon Feuillé, and Senator Nenel Cassy had a meeting Friday night to try and find the best strategy to overthrow President Jovenel Moise and his government, Radio SCOOP FM journalist broke on Twitter.

FLASH: Haiti - 2 Senators demand BOYCOTT of Elections Sunday

Haiti Elections Update -- Senators Evaliere Beauplan and Fritz Carlos Lebon demand the full BOYCOTT of Election-Day Sunday 24 January 2016... These senators call for civil disobedience by the people of Haiti...