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Haiti - DCPJ goes to the home of Dimitri Vorbe and Rene Preval Widow Elisabeth Debrosse

Dimitri Vorbe, Elisabeth Delatour Preval - Dossier Sogener Breaking News - Dossier Sogener - Haiti judicial police attempted to execute arrest warrants against Dimitri Vorbe and Elisabeth Debrosse Préval, the widow of ex-president Rene Preval on Saturday, December 14, 2019. more »

FLASH: Core Group met with Dimitri Vorbe (SOGENER), What did they talk about?

Ex Senator Edo Zenny and Dimitri Vorbe Besides meeting with top politicians in Haiti and members of the opposition, The Core Group also met with Businessman Dimitri Vorbe, Vice President and Executive Director of SOGENER, Haiti's largest private electric power supplier in Port-au-Prince. more »