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Maitre Claudy Gassant installed as Director General of ULCC

Installation de Maitre Claudy Gassant - ULCC Haiti The Moise administration wasted no time installing Maitre Claudy Gassant as Director General of ULCC. On the same day news broke of him being appointed, he was installed on his post as head of the Anti-corruption unit. more »

Interpellation of 3 Ministers in Haiti Government... Minis yo pap fe wonn pot!

Collapsed Haitian Parliament Building - Palais Legislatif For a few weeks now, there has been talks about the interpellation of three (3) ministers in the Haitian government. I didn't say anything about it because I sometime lack the capacity to understand what is going on in Haitian Politics. it's freaking confusing at times... To sum it up... There was an interpellation but no one got fired if you know what I mean... more »