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Judge Rene Sylvestre replaces Jules Cantave as President of the Cour de Cassation and CSPJ in Haiti

Haiti Juge Rene Sylvestre Haiti's Judicial power has a new president. Judge Rene Sylvestre replaced Jules Cantave as President of the Court of Cassation and the Supreme Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ). more »

Did Haitian Senators violates the principle of separation of powers?

There is a complaint coming from the Conseil Supérieur du Pouvoir Judiciaire (CSPJ) that Haitians Senators have stepped on the toes of the Haiti's judicial branch by interfering with the arrest of Andre Michel... more »

Haiti Justice - Jules Cantave replaces Arnel Alexis Joseph at President of CSPJ

Judge Jules Cantave Swear in as president of Supreme Court of Cassation of Haiti Haiti judge Jules Cantave become the new president the Supreme court of Cassation and president of the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power (CSPJ) replacing Arnel Alexis Joseph who was forced to resign during the last government shuffle... more »

Haiti - Yolette Mengual becomes 3rd Representative of CSPJ at the CEP

Yolette Mengual Haiti Elections 2014 - Haiti's Judicial Council (CSPJ) elects Yolette Mengual to be its 3rd representative at the Electoral Council (CEP)... Yolette Mengual will replace Marie Carole Floréal Dupervil at the CEP... more »

Haiti Elections OR NOT - Suddenly it is the Judicial Branch who is blocking the path to Elections Tet Dwat...

Arnel Alexis Joseph - Eleksyon Tèt Gosh In this episode of the never-ending Haiti political soap opera, it is CSPJ, le Conseil Superieur du Pouvoir Judiciaire, blocking the path to "Elections Tèt Dwat" in the country... All over Haitian radio this past week the name Arnel Alexis Joseph is synonymous with "Brick Wall." So where did we make this "demi tour?" more »