Haiti in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)

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Did You Know? Martelly Wants CARICOM In French

Haiti - CARICOM You may have heard of CARICOM but I garrantee you, there are some things you probably didn't know about CARICOM when it comes to Haiti. more »

Statement of the United States on the Final Results of the Second Round of the Elections in Haiti

United States Embassy "We have found no explanation for the reversals of 18 legislative races in the final results, which in all except two cases benefited the incumbent [INITE] party," The United States says in a statement release by the US Embassy of Haiti on 22 April 2011. more »

President Preval In Grenada Today For CARICOM Meeting

Haiti - CARICOM Haiti president Rene Preval and other Caribbean leaders are meeting in St George's, Grenada for at two day meeting to discuss what a Jamaican newspaper calls a "tough agenda" more »

OEA and CARICOM send an Election Observation team to Haiti

Ambassador Colin Granderson There is a new observation team in Haiti sent by the Organization of American States (OAS/OEA) and CARICOM to monitor the presidential elections in Haiti. more »