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Haiti Anti-Jovenel: JUDE Celestin is trying to Make some Noise these days...

Jude Celestin, two-time Candidate for President of Haiti Former Candidate for President Jude Celestin, the man who rarely talks even during his campaign, has come out of his silence to speak against all the things gone "WRONG" in Haiti recently... more »

Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise tells Miami Herald: We will go out and start our campaign

Jovenel Moise Speaking Haiti Elections Update -- PHTK Candidate for president Jovenel Moise told Miami Herald: "If on the 24th of March, no clear signal has been sent -- and by a clear signal I mean the publishing of an electoral calendar -- we will go out and start our campaign...We will stay in the streets up until we get these clear signals. more »

Haiti Elections: Candidate Eric Jn Baptiste tells Government to use his Campaign Money towards Education instead

Eric Jn Baptiste - Candidat a la Presidence Haiti Elections Update -- Candidate for President Eric Jn Baptiste (Pere Eternel Loto) tells the Haitian government to use his campaign financing money towards Education instead... Give it to the school children, he said in a letter addressed to the Ministry of Finance... more »

Haiti Elections - Candidate for President Willy Duchene KICKED OUT of the Elections, CEP said he is a US Citizen...

Haiti Election - KEP a mete deyo Kandida Willy Duchene Haiti Elections Update -- Another Presidential candidate bites the dust in Haiit... Willy Duchene has just been kicked out of the list of Candidates for President because, the Electoral Council (CEP) said, Mr. Duchene is a Naturalized American Citizen... more »

Haiti Elections - Candidate Level Francois KICKED out Presidential Race due to Crack Cocaine Conviction in USA

Levelt Francois - Candidate for President of Haiti Haiti Elections Update - Citizen Level Francois has been KICKED out as a candidate for president of Haiti for having been convicted of possession and trafficking of crack and cocaine in the United States of America, the Electoral Council (CEP) reported in a Communiqué de Presse Friday... more »

Haiti Elections - Candidate for President Joseph Roussel Bissereth is really a Candidate for Mayor

Candidat a la Presidene 2015 Haiti Elections Update --- If you Google the name Bissereth Joseph Roussel aka Pachou Publicite, you will find many search results with his name as a candidate for President of Haiti... Pachou Publicite says he is NOT a candidate for president, so how did his name end up in the Presidential candidate list... more »

SCOOP : Haiti Elections - More than 20 Candidates for President REJECTED, yo Pran Kane...

Haiti Election Contestation - Kontestasyon Haiti Elections Update - More than 20 candidates for president have been kicked out of the elections out of the 70 candidates who registered to become the next president of Haiti, according to first hand information that leaked out to the Media... more »

Haiti 2015 Candidates for President - Registration begins May 11

Haiti Elections Caricature - Gade Kandida, gade kandida... Registration for presidential candidates in Haiti are scheduled to begin on May 11 2015... Who will replace president Michel Martelly at Palais National? Some names are already coming out... Here are just a few of them... more »

Haiti Elections - Jean Henry Ceant Candidate for President in 2015

Jean-Henry Ceant - Candidat pou Prezidan Haiti an 2015 Former Haiti presidential Candidate Jean Henry Ceant announced earlier this week that he will be once AGAIN be a candidate for President in the 2015 Haiti Presidential elections... more »