Big Government Spendings in Haiti

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Transparency International Haiti wants Haitians in power to reduce their lavish lifestyle

Transparency International - Haiti Transparency International, Haiti branch, has called on the executive and legislative powers to reduce their lifestyle. Haitian Senators and Deputes in Parliament and members of the government function well above the economic reality of the country with advantages and privileges that go beyond understanding. According to Marilyn Allien, this situation can weigh in the index of perception of corruption in Haiti. more »

Haiti's Government needs to do some serious spending cuts, and fast...

When the Haitian government suck the people dry While Haitian president Jovenel Moise is on a search for Haiti's next prime minister, the State of Haiti (l'Etat Haitien) has some serious issues to consider. One problem in particular is the level of spending happening inside government. State officials are living lavish lifestyles at the expense of taxpayers while the people are barely surviving and the people take notice. more »