Haiti Anti-government Protests

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Moise Jean-Charles: Even after Jovenel Moise resigns, we will continue to protest in the streets

Moise Jean Charles vs Jovenel Moise Even after President Jovenel Moise resign from office, Moise Jean-Charles promises he will continue to protest in the streets because something fishy is going on. "The mobilization will continue until the final victory," the Pitit Desalin opposition leader said. more »

Former Haiti PM Evans Paul expresses embarrassment after attending Core Group meeting with the opposition

Evans PAUL, 17th Prime Minister of Haiti Former Haitian prime minister Evans Paul, alias K-Plim, said he was so embarrassed coming out of a meeting between the Core Group and the Opposition against President Jovenel Moise. He explains why... more »

Moise Jean-Charles minimizes Haiti opposition meeting with Core Group

Moise Jean Charles - Haiti Opposition Leader Regarding the high level meeting between members of Haiti's opposition and the Core Group, former Senator Moise Jean-Charles says "we are throwing it in the trash." more »

Haiti after Jovenel: Opposition installs new Commission of Facilitation of Transfer of Power

Andre Michel during Operation Power is so close, the opposition can smell it! In a press conference Tuesday, the opposition in Haiti announced their new commission baptized "commission de facilitation de passation de pouvoir" (the Commission of Facilitation of Transfer of Power) whose main task will be to ensure the organized departure of president Jovenel Moise from power. more »

Haiti in Crisis : Core Group Divided : Should Jovenel Moise Stay or should he Go?

PHOTO: Haiti President Jovenel Moise meeting with Core Group at the National Palace The Core Group is divided over whether or not Jovenel Moise should remain as president of Haiti or should he resign from his post, according to Haiti news reports. more »

Edmonde Supplice Beauzile has the perfect plan for the "ordered departure" of Jovenel Moise

Edmonde Suplice Beauzile is for the ordered departure of President Jovenel Moise "It would be best if we could put together a transitory council this week, a council that will work on a plan for the ordered departure of Jovenel Moise as president of Haiti," Edmonde Supplice Beauzile said following a meeting with the Core Group Monday. more »

Senator Nenel Cassy to CORE Group: "Go start a dialogue in your own country, we want Jovenel Moise out"

Haiti Opposition senators stand guard inside the parliament building After a meeting with The Core Group that did not go his way, Haitian Senator Nenel Cassy said if "Core group wants a dialogue, they need to go start that dialogue in their own country." The opposition wants Jovenel Moise out of the National Palace. more »

Politics : Haiti in Crisis : High level meeting in Petionville Monday? US, UN, Diplomats...

Jacqueline Charles on Twitter - High level meeting  in Petionville With President Jovenel's future hanging by a thread, Miami Herald journalist Jacqueline Charles questions whether they was high level meeting in Petionville early morning Monday after U.S. and U.N. vehicles were spotted outside a building where diplomats have offices. more »

Andre Michel's orders: Not even a cat to cross a Haiti street until we install a new government

Andre Michel during Operation By order of the opposition in Haiti, the country is on lock down mode as of this Monday. "Not even a cat is to cross the street until we install the new provisional government." Andre Michel said. more »

Opposition: Senator Ricard Pierre talks about Haiti Transfer of Power in the Coming Days

Haiti Opposition senators stand guard inside the parliament building In the coming days a new commission will be announces that will be in charge of the transfer of power in Haiti, opposition Senator Ricard Pierre announced. "We will soon communicate to you the length of their mandate and the personalities who will be a part of the commission," Ricard Pierre said. more »