A Stronger Haiti National Police force could mean Bye Bye MINUSTAH...

The United Nations MINUSTAH Forces has been in Haiti since 2004 and, almost 10 year later, the United Nations is intensifying discussions to leave Haiti for good... One reason: an increasingly confident and stronger Haitian police force take control of Haiti's security...

MINUSTAH Soldier In Front of Haiti White House

According to an article the Miami Herald, major crimes are seeing a double-digit drop in Haiti because of this stronger police force.

SECURITY: the degree of resistance to, or protection from, harm. It applies to any vulnerable and valuable asset, such as a person, dwelling, community, nation, or organization.

Sometimes I hear people say Haiti has no enemies and therefore does not need an Army... Really??? So what exactly does MINUSTAH represent in Haiti?

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Vilo says...

Then, you will be occupied for 8 years and they will never train the 60,000 troops you dream about.

We need to be a sovereign Country as we used to be with a steady military army and a strong police force.

So, we need to work that out ourselves.

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Bernadin Sylvestre says...

It would be a big mistake to let Minustah leave without having to train a new military force in Haiti.

The police a lone is not enough.

As you just saw a depite with his gangs just dis armed the police at the stayion, thank about it what could hapend next when that same senator is dis please what he can do with 20000 bandits.

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Seraman Bouquet says...

We need our army to be back on duty and a stronger police force to insure everyone's security in

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Wilner Pierre says...

The international force needs to stay for another 8 years.

The government should use them to train an army of 60000 troops to take over after they

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Stef says...

They not doing shit in Haiti they need to get the f out...

they just freaking abusing these people down

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Jocelyne says...

Of course we need the Army but the haitian Army the haitian police not enough for security in Haiti no country with out military we need our Army come back

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Labossiere says...

It's about time I did not like the idea of having foreign police in my country with such

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Subject: A Stronger Haiti National Police force could mean Bye Bye MINUSTAH... edit

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