Should a Haitian president age after the presidency?

I got a question for you: In America, when a young man becomes president, an old man leaves office. But in Haiti, when an old man becomes president, a young man leaves office.

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Should a Haitian president age after the presidency?

I was listening to Haitian radio an the host says, if a man, or woman, becomes president of Haiti and does not age considerably after five years, that means he/she did not do a good job.

There is so much stress waiting for the president of Haiti, the radio host says, there is no way for him/her not to age and have lots of gray hair at the end of his presidency.

Being president is the most stressfull job in the world.

Do you believe that the stress level of Haitian presidents are less or more than in other countries?

Should a Haitian president age after the presidency?

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Dr. D says...

I mean, those kind of comments are sickning.

How can you compare poor Haiti with the top power of the world.

You guys neeed to know that Haiti only has 10 department, not even states.

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Josy says...

A president in America is under a giant microscope, and is held accountable for his actions.

He also knows that he is not above the law, and is scrutinized by the citizens.

He will go to jail if he screwed up, or get kicked out of office and he cannot steal the country's money.

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Frantz Barthelemy says...

to the government body of this website (,,,with all due respect you should be using your skills and talent to organize haitians at home and abroad on the issue of raising the haitian nation to its feet,,organizing discussions,,urging haitians to participate in their contry's affair,,do not allow your site to be used for idle talk and weak news,,there is so many important things going on in the world,,your will and expertise in setting up such a website shows great leadership use it wisely,,,,thank you with lots of

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Vladimir Gerelieu says...

Can Mirlande withstand the pressure of the situation in Haiti as president?

I say no! She will release her powers for decision making to the INITE party think tank.
Vote for Michel Martelly or end up sucking on INITE's

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Nicolas Ronel says...

My opinion about this topic is that being president in whatever country is very stressfull.

there are several reason for:political, economical,social and much more. But in the case of my beloved country Haiti, I think the stress is much more for the president because of all pressures both national than international he is subject

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T Lagwe says...

Preval, the do nothing president was absent for 5 or 6 days after the January 12th earthquake, he showed absolutely no leadership.

When he finally emerged, his only concern was that his palace was destroyed.

He often looks out of touch, rich and

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Sesalye says...

It is shame that Preval has even age enough in maturity to at least clean the grounds of the National Palace.

To think that haitians have voted for his presidency twice.

Now they are getting ready to vote his representative, Mirlande for President (so it looks like), so that he can control the country for another five with his INITE Senators and Deputies.

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