Shots Fired In Sweet Micky Campain, At Least One Dead

Les Cayes Haiti - Gunmen opened fire on a rally for presidential candidate Michel Martelly (Sweet Micky). His spokesperson says the attack was an attempt on Sweet Micky's life. They are blaming the INITE party...

Sweet Micky Officially Candidate For President Of Haiti

At least one person died and several people are wounded.

Karine Beauvoir, Michel Martelly's spokeswoman says:

"Martelly was in the street with his supporters... There was an ambush... They fired on the crowd with automatic weapons.... We recognized some of the armed men and they are from INITE..."


What do think about this?

Do you believe the President Preval's INITE party is really behind it?

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Don Joe says...

Of course, Preval and Jude are behind it big time. They must be

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Justin Mondesir says...

If they did, it means that Sweet Micky looks like a threat to them. Hmmmmm...

Why is that Inite is always seen in the neighborhood, whenever there is an incident of the same caliber

Inite, rete trankil, tande.

heure ou rive mon che, mrin pap pouse do ou, min li lheure pou ale vire

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Subject: Shots Fired In Sweet Micky Campain, At Least One Dead edit

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