Residents in Port-Salut Haiti Calling for Anti-MINUSTAH Demonstration

Haitian residents in Port-Salut Haiti are calling for demonstrations against the UN demanding its forces to leave the country.

This is the latest news report by Al Jazeera from Haiti... Watch the video

This is in the aftermath of allegations of an 18-year-old man who was raped by UN soldiers from Uruguay in Port-Salut Haiti.


Will this latest incident be the catalyst for the growing resentment of UN soldiers in Haiti?

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PHOTO: Haiti Peacekeeping Mission - MINUSTAH lowers its flag on Haiti, this mission is over   PHOTO: Closing ceremony of MINUSTAH in Haiti   Haitien, MINUSTAH Ale, MINUSTAH Resi Kite Peyi a...   PHOTO: Haiti - MINUSTAH ap travay... LOL...   MINUSTAH Rèd Kon Ke Makak   MINUSTAH - Rape in Haiti   Colonel Bernard Ouellette   Shayne Gilbert  

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Bernard says...

Get rid of the Minustah?

What are they replace it with?

Thats a joke! Haiti is in bad shape, its at its worse in its entire history.

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Josy says...

The entire MINUSTAH is not guilty, and there are some bad individuals in it. We do need their presence in the country, but they have to be screened and monitored very closely.

They are always blaming us for diseases, and they did with the HIV virus.

Those perverts brought diseases in Haiti, and other parts of the world.

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Subject: Residents in Port-Salut Haiti Calling for Anti-MINUSTAH Demonstration edit

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