Preval And CEP Wants To Expel Michel Martelly's Campaign Manager?

Candidate says President Preval and the CEP want to expel his campaign manager, , for being of "Spanish nationality" and interfering with "les affaires de souveraineté nationale."

Michel Martelly Antonio Sola In The Background

Is that legal?

They say behind every great campaign is a great campaign manager... Take a good look at the picture, is the guy behind the scenes... (Neg ki cashe deye po fleur a)

Here is the official press release from Martelly's campaign dated 10 December 2010:

Strong rumors have it that the Government wants to release a decree to expulse our campaign manager Mr. Antonio Sola, of Spanish nationality for interfering in National Sovereign affairs.

This will not be tolerated. Provoking our campaign this way will not be accepted. M. Antonio Sola fills his functions as campaign director and accomplishes his tasks with professionalism and seriousness.

We want to let the government know that this kind of attitude prevents political dialog, and inform them that the problems we are living right now are caused directly by the fraud we have been victims during these elections.

The CEP and the Government of Preval are held responsible for the above mentioned problems.


Do you think that hiring a foreign campaign manager is "interfering in National Sovereign affair"?

Reply with your comments.

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Peguy Petit-frere says...

whop's the killer?preval, un and the cep. people in haiti if you want peace, u have to eliminate Perval, un and the cep.nou bouke ak toutaloufa sa yo.leve kampe ansanm, pou'n di viv Dessaline, makandal Rosalvo Bobo, Capois Lamort, ak tout gason, fanm vanyan ki te ban'n libete.

An'n fel

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Daniel Cazil says...

Who do you think is in charge of putting a new president in haiti each time?

the united state of america you think they have haitien documents to do so i think

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V. Meronvil says...

Ah non! On ne debarque pas dans un pays etranger seulement pr y faire de la politique.

Michel Martely fairait mieux de ne pas en parler.

la polique ds tout pays est absoluement une affaire

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Abel Faroul says...

Don't blame me I didn't vote for this stupid president, I don't know what the haitian people waiting for to put fire on this guy, he deserve to be dead.

Haitian people please kill preval save

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Kill says...

United Nation ( MINUSTAH) brings cholera in Haiti they should leave.

The U.S gouvernments put Haiti in this situation.

It's unaccetable, we did 1804 we're gonna do more than that. Preval and Edmond mulet gonna have an answer from the haitian people at the end of this week.
We're gonna protest peacefully, and get preval where ever he

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Patrick says...

I that word he acts the way he acting because he is a brick in a wall. he does not know whats going on in whatsoever i think it is time for him to get his mind

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Franckner says...

Good for Haitians, they like to give DOG pantalon.

Who the hell is Preval.

I heard he was in Brooklyn, NY working as a waiter.

Preval barely can express himself in French or English.

I have been disappointed on him since January 12, 2010. February 7,2011 get his butt out of

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Marjorie Middy says...

Yes, Preval is blaming the white dude for Michel Martelly's smart decisions.

I am not a fan of Martelly's but I am glad somebody is giving Preval a run for his money.

Preval does not think much of Haiti, Haitians and the international community.

The stunt that he pulled with the electoral votes are both disrespectful and condescending to

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...



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Barthelemy Ricardo says...

No, its a private

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