President Rene Preval, How much credit does he really deserve?

Former Haiti president René Preval has been criticized for many things but how much credit does he actually deserve?

President Rene Preval At The USA White House

When you talk to people in Haiti, many of them say that a lot of the things that president Martelly is inaugurating were set forth by former president Preval.

So i guess you could say Martelly is executing a plan set in motion by Preval... But don't take my word for it, I'm only telling you what I hear...

Based on that speculation then, While we have to appreciate the fact that president Martelly and his administration have the willingness to continue what Preval started, something uncommon in past Haitian governments, we need to ask ourselves... How much credit does Preval actually deserve?

The man is more known for his famous soundbyte "my palace collapse" then anything else.

In your opinion, what of GOOD in Haiti can be attibuted to Preval?

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Marj says...


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John says...

Preval don't do much i think Martely already do more then Preval in 8 years, for me Preval is a guy i don't care, He does't look he loves people and he was a lucky guy by Aristide but he don't like him for what Aristide did to him make him pass a couple months in prime minister and been President for 8 years strait, something he won't ever get in his

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Blash says...

Preval President I don't

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