President Martelly - What Kind Of A Leader Does Haiti NEED?

There is a HUGE difference between the kind leader a country NEEDS and the type of leader a country WANTS. What kind of a leader do you think Haiti NEEDS right now?

President Elect - Michel Martelly

In Haiti, we have had all sorts of leaders, most of them have been dictators, none of them progressive (please correct me if I am wrong), and some of them mutes (berber, muets, sourdines).

So really, What kind of a leader does Haiti need?

What kind of a leader does have to be in order to get things done in Haiti?

Some Haitians seem to think that the leader in this video is what Haiti needs...

Watch the video... Enjoy.... Think of it in Haitian terms, politically speaking!

This is the preamble to another article coming soon...


Do you have to be "Mr Clark" in order to get things done in Haiti? After all, Haiti IS in a state of emergency...


Do you have to be a good PUPPET in order to guarantee your "five years in power"?

Reply with your comments

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Richelle says...

Jump, upset,trash him, too late he is your president and that is the end of

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Ori says...

You jalouse about Mr President but anytime you go to Haiti He is the one who gonna sign you boading

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Popee says...

Not a leader who is pervert, vulgar, immoral, nasty, smoke crack, stick his hand inside his pants and playing with himself while performing in front of a crowd.

In America, you get arrested for indecent exposure, but in Haiti you get popularity.

What decent individuals would support something like this?

Shame upon Haiti! This country is cursed--really cursed: Bad politics, incompetent, perverted and corrupted leaders, illeteracy, ignorance, disease, natural disasters: earthquake, flood, hurricane, human disasters: kidnapping, raping, stealing, destruction, burning tires, and now they elected the worst specy ever. Only God can save this

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Popee says...

LOL!!! Well

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F.muhammad says...

we all should get involve,,it should be what we need not what one man want for the country, all disbelievers in the progress of haiti must stay

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Mjb says...

what kind of people would vote for a motherfucker like him?

Only haitian people.

hey vote for

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Natacha says...

Alors rendez vous dans un

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Sakguenyin says...

L'union fait la force.

C'est bien le moment de mettre notre "slogan" en

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Jynee says...


Haiti may need a Ti Simone because they tend to be extremely clean with good taste.

Haiti will be clean and chic! I'm sure This Ti Simone will turn Haiti into a nice tourist spot, the undiscovered gem of the caribbean instead of the poorest country in the western hemisphere or the republic of the NGOs! It may just take a Ti Simone to clean up Haiti's mess!If he delivers, I will take a Ti Simone any day over the vole visie ki fin devore peyi-a and I believe so would you. a dose of skepticism is healthy afterall the Haitian People has been duped time and time again.

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Ti Boule says...

ou frape clou wa dwat sou tet li. reveye papa doc e pi tout bagay pouale

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